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Hauptstr. 52
63773 Goldbach
+49 6021 59070



Who we are and what we do

brainLight GmbH - GmbH is German for LLC and the company's business is the marketing of relaxation techniques and technology

Since brainLight was founded in 1988, it has improved customers' quality of life by keeping people and their lives as the entire and constant focus of all its activities. The innovative technology offered comes in a wide variety of systems and services.

Today, brainLight GmbH has become an international market leader and a leading developer in the field of unique, holistic relaxation systems. The brain is helped to clarity through stimulation by advanced audio-visual technology, which is used simultaneously with a sophisticated Shiatsu massage chair to provide deep physical regeneration.

This combination of relaxation for both body and mind is what makes the brainLight products unique in the world.

The company is committed to continuing to work towards improving people's lives, following the maxim "Be in balance and feel the difference".

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