Our Guiding Principles


brainLight GmbH is run by its owner-managers and fully accountable as such, with a commitment to the progress and wellbeing of humanity. Our aim is to raise people's quality of life, enabling our systems to bring about (r)evolution in their consciousness.


Our mission could be said to be a sense of wellbeing for all. By establishing a holistic form of relaxation as our norm, we foster a life in balance. Each person ought to have opportunities to lead a full life, to develop his or her unique potential and to become active in pursuit of the good of an organization and of humanity.

Studies have shown that one needs both understanding and empathy to cope successfully with complexity. Knowledge of the intellectual kind is not sufficient, and yet, on the other hand, an excess of emotionalism can prove counter-productive.

brainLight GmbH wishes to contribute to a growth of understanding and fundamentally positive attitudes in society. We wish to support individuals in the fulfillment of their personal and creative potential.

The company sees its systems as part of a worldwide trend towards deceleration and greater solidarity, a return to essentials, to simplicity, to the roots.   

The brainLight programs optimally coordinate light, sound, music and massage, transporting the user into the desired mental state at the touch of a button, whether it be deep relaxation, alertness or watchfulness. They open up the possibility of living a conscious and fulfilled life, not only in the private sphere but also in the workplace.

The company embodies this message, expressed in the product, by cultivating an authentic corporate identity. As a corporate body, we apply energy, creativity and passion to the development of innovative systems, which can be used in many ways both by other companies and by people in their homes.

Corporate Identity

IIn today's business world, quality and competence are regarded as sine qua non. But these alone are not enough to enable businesses to stand out against the competition. More and more, it is the staff of a business which is becoming the deciding factor. In the case of our business, it is the commitment, energy, creativity and innovative skill of our staff which is ensuring our company's enduring success. Our success revolves around our staff.

The corporate identity cultivated by brainLight is based on the principle of humanity and distinguished by its emphasis on health, sincerity and liveliness.

Our products are anchored in this identification with the authentic, likewise underpinning the corporate philosophy. Across the board, it is a matter of wellbeing, responsibility and awareness on the part of each individual and the effect is corporate conscientiousness which, in its turn, serves to nurture each of those individuals.  

In this day and age, a company is expected to facilitate holistic and meaningful experiences for their employees. brainLight GmbH shares this conviction and is committed to undertaking all its corporate tasks with seriousness and integrity.

For brainLight, the contentment and ongoing welfare of both our staff and our customers is a motivating force radiating throughout the entire business plan.

Our Guiding Principles:

Empathy and Solidarity
Openness and Fairness
Cooperation and Inspiration
Unwearied effort to innovate and improve


Our statements


1. Values:
brainLight GmbH's concerns are personal responsibility and the common good. The values expressed in the corporate philosophy are realized not only in the impact of our products but also in the value set on the staff, the customers and the business partners in all the company's dealings.

As an enterprise, we therefore bring our values to bear not only through the product itself, but also in our dealings with our fellow-humans. These two elements are in harmony with each other and also find expression in the product design. An example is the manner in which the audio-visual Touch Synchros follow the shape of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The inherent meaning of the word pyramid is "fire at the centre". Another of the brainLight symbols is the shape of the endless knot found on the black pyramids. The eternity knot represents the interweaving of all existence. The Celtic triskelion on the white pyramids with its three conjoined spirals symbolizes all of life and being. The deeply felt effects of the systems are emphasized by these symbols. In totality, the corporate values are rendered more potent and thus more highly effective. Implementing a vision in innovative ways that challenge the status quo, creates (r)evolution. And evolution or revolution is always beneficial when geared towards the common good.

2. Innovation:
Our company has integrated the principle of innovation deeply into its corporate culture. brainLight is innovative in leading people to a good, happy and relaxed mental state in the shortest of times by virtue of unique relaxation systems, which the company has developed in house. As a result, brainLight users are not only friendlier people, working and collaborating more productively, but also lead more harmonious personal lives, making our products a positive and profitable investment for families as well as any company. The brainLight systems are simple to use while combining the achieved physical and mental regeneration into an all-round sense of wellbeing. It is this unique combination which is produced only by brainLight GmbH.

3. Focus on the future:
The fact that the brainLight concept comes across so easily, immediately and effectively, to so many people is what inspires us as a company and has, indeed, also been confirmed in numerous scientific studies. For the company, it is an inspiration to know that people who are stress-free are kinder to themselves and to others.

Psychotic and neurotic illness and/or burnout, etc., generated by the stresses of everyday and professional life, are on the increase. It is here that brainLight GmbH manages to go against the tide, for its systems help prevent stress-related psychic illness. The company's focus will thus continue increasingly to be on participation in corporate health management (CHM), the modern discipline on which many companies now rely.

In the German-speaking area, a cutting-edge campaign known as the Corporate Health Award encourages corporate health management (CHM) in companies. brainLight is an active partner and is contributing indirectly to the fact that employee health is regarded more and more as an important matter.

For private users, control of the brainLight systems from iPhones is rapidly advancing. Another goal is the establishment of recreation zones in desirable parts of every town and city.

4. Sustainabilty:
If a company's development is to be sustainable, a dynamic process is involved - moving between opposite poles, those of maintenance and change, professional life and private life, short-term success and long-term prospects, head and heart. It is in the swings of the pendulum between these poles that the energy and creativity are generated which will drive sustained growth.

Such sustainability is thus one of the principles underpinning the brainLight corporate development strategy, which unites the concepts of long-term added value with responsibility towards the environment and society.

Ever since 1988, brainLight GmbH has been helping human beings to find relaxation. Long before burnout had become a hotly discussed health issue, brainLight GmbH had been tackling the question of resistance to stress. Now, in the context of corporate health management (CHM), the company sets up recreation rooms for businesses, enabling employees to be more creative, relaxed and, above all, healthy.

The brainLight systems make super-learning and mental state training possible. Our company puts a tool in the user's hand by which to make new use of the potential of his or her intellectual faculties—all within the scope of neuroleadership. The term refers to transfer of knowledge from neurological science into the leadership methodology of a company.

The change in thinking is followed by actions that will have a long-term healing effect on society - actions that are responsible and sustainable in their effects.

By sustainable is meant the long-term improvement of an individual's self-image and self-projection - his or her thoughts, physique, decisions, learning. For the individual this is of high personal value, expressed in a positive attitude to life which is also beneficial to others. On the wider scale, it can bring about positive effects and possibilities at the level of society itself.

5. Quality:
For us at brainLight, quality means keeping our promises to our customers, business partners and staff. We make it our aim to achieve “Balanced Excellence” and feel that this can only be achieved under three conditions: if management and staff alike take responsibility for quality, if there are standards in place for both method and instruments, and if all processes are subject to continuous improvement. The foundations of this policy are a culture of quality and a living management system combined with transparency: three strands interwoven into our management system to ensure ist continuing development.

6. Compliance:
In brainLight GmbH, responsible, lawful dealings are seen as indispensable not only to quality but also to economic success and sustainable corporate development. Compliance with directives and the law is thus seen as a major management task. brainLight’s management implements compliance as a key management task and recognizes the necessity for impeccably legal, socially responsible and fully ethical business dealings.