What we believe in

These were the objectives we set ourselves on founding brainLight GmbH on October 31, 1988, which constitute our corporate philosophy and vision - through our actions and our work, we want to contribute to:

    •    bringing people more closely in touch with their inner and divine selves
    •    raising global consciousness and world understanding, compassion and love
    •    recognizing, encouraging and deepening the good there is in all people
    •    finding the courage and strength for experiencing and actively living individual spirituality.

It goes without saying that we wish to develop and embody these values in our company, as well as with our employees and customers.

Many years have passed since brainLight was founded and we look back on the intense yet educational time with deep gratitude. Despite many tests and temptations, we have - with only a few short detours - stayed true to our philosophy. We feel proud and thankful from the bottom of our hearts that today our company remains on a healthy footing and our future prospects look bright.

We are grateful, too,

    •    for our wonderful, outstanding, unique, strong and individual staff who have seen us through, even in dark times
    •    for the constant support of our parents, brothers and sisters
    •    for our friends and their belief in us
    •    for the arrival of the right projects at the right time
    •    for the strength, courage, inner guidance, and the many miracles that were bestowed upon us
    •    for all the people who have accompanied and supported us
    •    for life itself, for love and for the many challenges meeting us on our path through life towards greater love and perfection.

You will find that the brainLight technology, the brainLight published media and our courses and seminars offer you the opportunity to achieve these objectives in a variety of ways. We are more than happy to help you choose which of our products are right for you - our expert advice is worth having.


Ursula Sauer and Jochen Hufgard
Founders and mangers of brainLight GmbH