We offer leasing options for our brainLight-Systems: the Shiatsu massage chairs can be leased individually or in combination with a relaxTower.

Leasing provides your company with many advantages. One of these advantages is that neither the brainLight-System nor the leasing conditions appear on your balance sheet. This in turn affects your credit rating and solvency positively, as any potential creditors will be unaware of the debt. Another advantage is that leasing provides fixed rate financing. Since leasing rates are not subject to market fluctuations or interest rate increases, it is much easier to project cash flow and budgets for planning purposes.

Additionally, lease rentals are considered an operating cost, which means that it is often possible to deduct them from taxable profits (as a trading expense).
Lastly, our systems are equipped with coin acceptors which will generate income for your company during the leasing period, meaning that your investment will essentially finance itself!

brainLight Leasing Prices

relaxTower with


24 months

36 months

48 months

Gravity PLUS

5.600,00 €*

263,20 €*

180,32 €*

138,88 €*


6.400,00 €*

299,52 €*

204,80 €*

157,44 €*


6.900,00 €*

322,92 €*

220,80 €*

169,74 €*

* net price


Profitability examples: