Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

At brainLight we are committed to being a socially responsible company. We actively implement our mission of “Life in Balance”, both in how we interact with our clients and employees but also in terms of how we contribute to our surrounding community and the world at large. These deeply rooted values are reflected in our value chain management.

We aspire to being recognized as a leader in health and innovation, striving to improve our performance in all areas of corporate responsibility, and contributing towards making a lasting and sustainable difference. To that end we not only provide tools to enable personal growth for our employees and clients but also regularly support humanitarian initiatives, which include but are not limited to: 

  • "Brücke der Hoffnung“, —a charity that supports destitute Ukrainians
  • "Menschen für Menschen“ —a humanitarian program in Ethiopia, initiated by Karl Heinz Böhm
  • Numerous aid schemes for children in need that employ our relaxation system “clever” (specifically developed for children) such as the pediatric hospital “Balthasar” in Olpe, Germany and the project “Leuchtende Kinderaugen” in Aschaffenburg, Germany

Additionally, we apply fair labor practices and promote a diverse as well as inclusive workplace. As such, we endeavor to include people with disabilities in our brainLight team as well as individuals who might otherwise be disadvantaged in the job market.