Project at Westfalen Clinic, Dortmund. Carried out: 05/2013

This project required cooperation between the SRH University Berlin, the Westfalen Clinic, and brainLight GmbH. The objective of the pilot project in the Westfalen Clinic was to determine the use of a brainLight-System as a potential form of support for hospitals in the future. Students from the SRH University carried out the project. 

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Study on emotional intelligence in care homes. Publication: 04/2013

Subject of the study was an EQ seminar that Professor Christoph Tiebel from the University of Heilbronn held with the employees of a Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) care home.  After 4 weeks of using the brainLight-System, 91% of the participants could recall the content of the seminar. Conclusion: brainLight sessions support employees to retain previously learnt information.

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Healthy-worker study. Publication: 07/2012

Subject of the study by the Schwenninger health insurance company, Furtwangen University and IB Consulting, as well as brainLight GmbH, was the question: can a brainLight session minimize stress levels? The result was very impressive. The stress index of 81.5% of the participants in the main study was reduced by a significant 20% on average. 

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