Improved reading skills through use of brainLight systems - Project at the Montessori Day School and Opnet inc.. Carried out: 2009

Investigation carried out by Dr. Rayma Ditson-Sommer. The objective of the study was to prove the value of neuro-technological light and sound sessions in schools to improve learning. The results clearly indicate that the children benefitted from everyday use.  There was significant progress on the development of serenity and relaxed participation in lessons. 

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EDAG study in cooperation with the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK). Publication: 09/2009

A study by the car manufacturer EDAG in Fulda revealed the following effects of brainLight relaxation on the employees: 91.9% of users felt positive effects on their muscles and back area, 51% on their head and eyes, 78.1% on stress relief and relaxation, and 84.7% on their motivation through relaxation. 

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Clinical experience report at Rosedale Wellness Centre, Toronto. Carried out: 2009

The results of this positively-received clinical program in Toronto confirms that difficulties going to and/or remaining asleep, fatigue, headaches, vertigo, bodily tension such as anxiety and feelings of depression appear to be treatable with the use of a brainLight-System. In relation to this, participating patients were able to report increased vitality in everyday life. 

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These companies successfully implement our relaxation systems.