Diploma thesis at the Friedrich-Alexander University, Erlangen-Nuremberg. Carried out: 01/2009


Diploma thesis on “The Enhancement of Memory and Concentration via Audio-visual Stimulation with Optic-acoustic Systems”

At the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg in January 2009, Viktor Wuchrer examined in an experimental survey the impact of audio-visual alpha- and beta frequencies induced by optic-acoustic systems…

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Impact analysis at the University of Hohenheim. Publication: 02/2003

The impact analysis was carried out by Dr. Meike Wiedemann from the Institute for Physiology in the membrane physiology department at the University of Hohenheim. This analysis detected the frequency-response-sequence using EEG, suggesting that the brainLight-System was able to adjust physiological parameters using pre-set visual and acoustic stimuli.  

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"Subjektive effects of visual-acoustic stimulation“ study by Dr. Klaus J. Landeck

The study was carried out by Dr. Klaus J. Landeck. In this study he found that the visual-acoustic stimulation from a brainLight-Synchro SL is subjectively effective, as the participants experienced effects dependent upon the programs. 

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