brainLight Touch Synchro relaxed - balance and tranquility at the touch of a button

Relaxation or rather the ability to relax, affects every aspect of your life. More explicitly, deep relaxation targeted at enhancing your “energetic core muscles” of inner strength and stability. This greatly facilitates an outward reflection of peace and self-confidence, which in turn enables you to enjoy all that life has to offer from a point of languorous balance and centeredness.
The Touch Synchro balanced aims at supporting you in achieving such states of relaxation through the use of 10 specifically coordinated music, language, light and sound programs. Those of us who “keep their cool” and stay balanced regardless of the situation, have the best chances at living a life filled with joy, happiness and success.  

Suitable for home use to attain and maintain a relaxed demeanor in all areas of life.

Our technological quantum leap:
The 12 programs are “Instant Programs”, meaning language, music, light and sound have been optimally attuned to one another.

brainLight Touch Synchro relaxed
500,– € net price*
Shipping costs excluded.

user manual

program board



*Headphones included with delivery may differ from the picture.


Scope of delivery

1 brainLight Touch Synchro relaxed with:
• 1 pair of adjustable visualization glasses (white LEDs) with intensity regulator
• 1 pair of adjustable headphones with volume control
• 1 AC adapter (220V or 110V)   
• 1 adapter cable
• 10 Instant Programs + 2 lectures
• Additional 50 light and sound programs to combine with external
   audio equipment (MP3/CD player etc.).
• Available colors: BLACK or WHITE




• Touch panel
• Backlit LCD display showing program
   number/title and remaining session time
• Automatic standby mode
• System statistics: operating hours,
   protocol of individual applications,
   total number of applications


01 FIRST USE: Introduction + Session 17 min.

02 Autosuggestion „Tranquil and balanced within 15 minutes“ 15 min.
03 Autosuggestion „Refreshed and cheerful within 15 minutes“ 15 min.
04 Autosuggestion „Dealing with stress“ 28 min.
05 Narrated relaxation session „Journey through the body“ 15 min.
06 Quick meditation „Being powerful“ 9 min.
07 Quick meditation „Stocking up on energy“ 9 min.

08 Free Flow 9 min.
09 Ocean 30 min.
10 Space 20 min.

11 Background and function of the brainLight-System 9 min.
12 Stress management 9 min.

The Software Differences