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brainLight. A vacation from everyday life!

Health and joy of life are important criteria for our quality of life, even amidst high demands in work and leisure. With the brainLight-Systems, you can easily and pleasantly train your mental abilities.

The brainLight-Systems can be specifically used for mental and physical relaxation. Regular relief of the spine and intervertebral discs, combined with soothing massage movements, bring relaxation and regeneration whenever you want, whenever you need it. No need to make an appointment, without waiting room stress, and without treatment costs. This is made possible by the innovative and perfectly coordinated audio-visual relaxation technology, where light and sound signals are transmitted through visualization glasses and headphones. This stimulates the brain to achieve specific states of mind and emotions.

The effectiveness of the brainLight-Systems has been demonstrated in studies

With regular use, the following results are possible:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Reduction of stress and increased stress resilience
  • Increased vitality and energy, improved overall health (including relief and prevention of back pain as well as mental health)
  • Enhanced mental clarity and agility
  • Boost in cognitive and creative performance

A healthy life of well-being and relaxation is within your reach: Our brainLight-Systems will enable you to face the day relaxed and refreshed, literally in the blink of an eye.
In the future, you can rely on recovering and relaxing much faster after every stressful situation!

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