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Mentally fit into old age with brainLight

Balance and joy of life

To keep your balance and zest for life even into old age, you can find the right brainLight-System for your home right here.

Vitality, mental performance, resilience, health, and joy of life in old age, despite higher demands in our work and social lives, are important criteria for our quality of life.

But, nevertheless, many people still feel exhausted or tense. In developed countries more than 70% of the population suffer from constant or occasional back pain. This is frequently the cause for many physical and psychological discomforts. Soothing massages - such as on the brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage chairs - bring relaxation and regeneration, contributing to better well-being.

Our primary concern is the well-being of individuals. In their combination of relaxation technologies for the body and mind, brainLight-Systems are unique and promote physical and mental regeneration, harmonisation of the autonomic nervous system, and sustainable deep relaxation.

Enhancing one's life energy and self-healing powers benefits not only those who are ill but also those who are healthy. The core of brainLight GmbH's Life Balance-Concept revolves around mindfulness, relaxation, and adjusting one's outlook on life. Through audio-visual deep relaxation and Shiatsu massage, you can achieve greater stress resilience and increased life energy, remaining fit and vital even into old age. The well-being and health of people in their senior years are particularly close to our hearts.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that our products have been awarded the quality seal by the Initiative Group of German Senior Guide (Initiativkreis Deutscher Seniorenlotse) and can be found on the German Senior Portal (Deutsches Seniorenportal). Deutschen Seniorenportal

Through regular use of the brainLight-Systems, you can achieve the following benefits: 
• Personal well-being for the body, mind, and spirit
• Activation of self-healing powers
• Increase in concentration and memory
• Improvement in mobility and reaction skills
• Enhancement of brain activity and sensory

The brainLight-Systems support you with coordinated music, speech, light and sound programs to stay fit and vital well into old age. Strengthen your vitality, resilience to stress, motivation, and drive through the appropriate sessions. Utilise the audio-visual deep relaxation provided by the system to regain inner peace and balance, and feel comfortable in your own body. Additionally, our programs can help you find the perfect motivation and stay physically fit.

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