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Corporate Health Management in Companies

Is your work very demanding? How would you feel if you could step back for 20 minutes and treat yourself to a break? Take a vacation from everyday life, so to speak. You know - afterwards you'll be completely refreshed and have left the stress behind you. Your creative potential will blossom - in short, you'll feel as if you've just returned to work from your annual vacation. Isn't that tempting?

Healthy employees – healthy balance sheets

The reason for relaxed employees is the utilization of the brainLight-System. Make your company stand out from the competition for the best employees and integrate the brainLight-Systems into your business processes. In this way, you can counteract the trend towards an increase in mental illness in your company.

Already established in numerous companies

Unilever, Siemens, BMW and Lufthansa have already recognized the potential offered by brainLight-Systems and implemented them in their CHM. The investment is also worthwhile for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises), as the working atmosphere, concentration and stamina among employees improve. The systems can also be used to train employees, reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and reduce sickness rates.

Use of the brainLight-System provides
• a quality break of 10 minutes or more,
• stress relief during working hours,
• a positive start to the working day.

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