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Hotel & Spa

brainLight-Systems being used in hotels & spas

Hotels and Wellness

Has the well-being of your guests during their hotel stay always been close to your heart? Because your guests increasingly want to relax with you, you want to cater to their wishes. To this end, brainLight-Systems offer a wide range of possibilities. In any case, your guests' longing for relaxation will be satisfied.

For the benefit of your guests

Offer your guests the option of choosing a room with a wellness system on arrival. Advertise with " Wellness in the room". As a supplement, offer a wellness suite in which the combination of audio-visual relaxation and Shiatsu massage chair perfectly complement each other. Your guests can also use the brainLight-System in the hotel spa without having to take off their clothes. The brainLight-Relaxation-Programs can also be used in the relaxation room between sauna sessions. As a referrer or by selling the brainLight-Wellness-Systems directly to your guests, you have another source of income.


Let your hotel guests relax with the following programs as suggestions:

The brainLight-Concept for Hotels and Spas

  • Positive affirmations for the beginning of your day (10 min.)
  • Quick meditation „Stocking up on energy“ (10 min.)
  • Positive affirmations for the end of your day (10 min.)
  • Tranquil and balanced within 15 minutes
  • Narrated relaxation session „Journey through the body“ (20 min.)

You can also use brainLight-Sessions:

  • as a gift in case of complaints
  • to bridge waiting times, e.g. in the wellness and spa area
  • as a gift for your guests waiving 1 x room cleaning service

For healthy employees

Offer your staff the use of the brainLight-System as a preventative measure as part of a Corporate Health Management program.

Your brainLight Sales Rep

Product Consultation


Product Consultation

We will gladly take care of your request and answer all your questions about the audio-visual relaxation systems by brainLight.

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