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Incentive & Event

brainLight-Systems in use at events and incentives

The brainLight-Wellness-Lounge - the highlight of every event!

brainLight GmbH from Goldbach/Lower Franconia acts as a wellness service provider at around 50 - 60 events a year. At the events, the company is responsible for the contrasting program to the sparkling party mood of the guests. Relaxation without any effort on your part is a treat for every event. Audio-visual relaxation systems and brainLight Shiatsu-Massage-Chairs are available for this purpose.

Relaxation at the touch of a button

Incentives are also becoming increasingly appealing to employees. One of the themes of such an event can be stress reduction. At the BMW Research Center in Munich, for example, a brainLight trainer gave an informative presentation. Afterwards, the 40 employees had the great pleasure of leaning back and enjoying an audio-visual relaxation session with an in-depth Shiatsu massage.

At the Thomas Cook/Condor event, the company from Goldbach/Lower Franconia went one step further. It provided two masseuses for participants who preferred to be massaged by hand and added a color and style consultation. This service was topped off with a wellness facial with natural make-up application. This corporate event was fully booked.

Book* brainLight for the following occasions: (*Possible only within Germany)

  • at health days and events in the company
  • on company anniversaries
  • as a bonus for your employees.

We will be happy to advise you, if you are interested to offer an event within Germany.

(see Brochure for more details ... in German only!)

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