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A combination of Shiatsu-Massage Chair and audio-visual relaxation unit

The Ultimate Comfort Experience: The brainLight-Complete-Systems

Looking for relaxation? Then brainLight is the place for you! This unique combination of Shiatsu-Massage Chair and audio-visual deep relaxation unit allows for an optimal experience of relaxation. The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair is thereby controlled by an audio-visual brainLight-System - either a brainLight Synchro PRO or brainLight relax Tower PRO. This is possible through our globally unique Shiatsu-Sync-Technology. Depending on where and how you want to use the relaxation system will determine, which combination would be right for you.

Complete-System with brainLight relaxTower PRO

brainLight relaxTower PRO Zenesse

brainLight relaxTower PRO 4D-Sphere

brainLight relaxTower PRO Gravity PLUS

brainLight relaxTower PRO flow

The brainLight relaxTower PRO has been developed especially for commercial and public sectors. The brainLight relaxTower PRO is robust and can be equipped with an external payment system upon request - either with tokens or various currencies.
Wherever the supervision of the brainLight-System should be as low as possible, the brainLight-Complete-System with a relaxTower will be the ideal choice.

Complete-System with brainLight-Synchro PRO

brainLight-Synchro PRO 4D-Zenesse

brainLight-Synchro PRO 4D-Sphere

brainLight-Synchro PRO Gravity PLUS

brainLight-Synchro PRO flow

The brainLight-Synchro PRO has been developed to be used for example in your own Home-SPA or home office, and for smaller enterprises or institutions. It is light and easy to handle. As with all brainLight-Synchros you have the additional possibility to combine the light and sound programs with your own music.