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brainLight relaxTower PRO flow

The compact one for commercial use

Our super sturdy and space-saving power pack for your office, your wellness- or fitness-studio, your beauty salon and even spa-areas in hotels.

The optimal brainLight-Feeling-Well-Experience - possible in the smallest space. By pressing a button you can experience a perfectly synchronised combination of mental and physical relaxation. Simple and simply ingenious, it combines various air pressure and roller massage techniques, with minimum space requirements. For extra pleasure, the massage rolls don‘t stop in the lower back area but massage your buttocks as well. Wrapped in OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette! External payment systems upon request (coins, tokens, etc.).


brainLight relaxTower PRO flow – Basic Model

401 Introduction + Session (20 min.)


10 Minute Programs

430 Positive affirmations for the beginning of your day
431 Positive affirmations for the end of your day
432 Piece of music „Free Flow“
433 Piece of music „Chill Fit“
434 Piece of music „Energy“
435 Piece of music „Free Time“
436 Quick meditation „Stocking up on energy“
437 Quick meditation „Being powerful“
438 Piece of music „Shift“
439 Piece of music „Timeless“

15 to 20 Minute Programs
450 Piece of music „Fantasy“
451 Piece of music „Space“
452 Piece of music „Creativity“
453 Piece of music „Wellpower“
454 Piece of music „Deep Inside“
455 Piece of music „Do It“    
456 „Refreshed and cheerful within 15 minutes“
457 „Tranquil and balanced within 15 minutes“
458 Piece of music „brainFlight“
459 Narrated relaxation session „Journey through the body“

27 to 30 Minute All-Inclusive Wellbeing Sessions
460 Piece of music „Sky“
461 Piece of music „Chill Out“
462 Piece of music „Falling Waters“
463 Piece of music „Freedom“
464 Piece of music „Ocean“
465 Autosuggestion „Enhancing your concentration“
466 Autosuggestion „Creative problem solving“
467 Autosuggestion „Selling successfully“
468 Autosuggestion „Dealing with stress“
469 Autotrance „Fantasy journey“

1 brainLight relaxTower PRO with brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair flow

  • 1 pair of Visualization-Glasses (LEDs: white) with intensity regulator
  • 1 pair of headphones with volume regulator
  • SD-card with 31 instant programs (Basic-Programs + additional Program-Sets of your choice)
  • relaxTower PRO without payment system
  • External payment systems upon request (integrated coin- and/or token machine)
  • Adapter cable to the brainLight-relaxTower
  • 6 automatic programs:
  • Bodyscan for detecting your individual back length; the massage is automatically adjusted to the measurements taken
  • Pinpoint positioning of the massage rolls
  • 5 types of back massage: Kneading, Clapping, Knocking (Pounding), Tapping, and Shiatsu for the
    back and buttocks with up to 6 speed settings
  • Air pressure massage for the following areas:
    Feet & Calf, Arm & Hands, Shoulders, Waist & Loin area
  • Massage for the soles of your feet with 3 speed settings
  • Heating function for your loin area
  • Various chair positions manually selectable, including Zero Gravity Position; seat angle and footrest can be adjusted individually
  • Timer function
  • Pause/Play-function
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Very energy- and space-saving.
  • Remote control with clear LCD display (in several languages) – you can remove it, if your brainLight- System is only to be operated from your Synchro PRO or relaxTower PRO
  • Connecting cord to the brainLight-Synchro PRO or relaxTower PRO
  • Accessory bag for storing the remote control and brainLight-Visualization-Glasses; can be attached to right armrest with velcro
  • Foldable backrest pad in the back-/seating area can be folded into a second head cushion or can be fully removed, if a stronger massage intensity is desired
  • Foam pads for the foot area – can be inserted, if a softer foot-sole massage is desired
  • Cover material made out of OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette
    OEKO-Tex 100 zertifiziert
  • LCD-Display showing current program and remaining session time
  • Integrated key pad
  • Statistical survey: number of individual and total sessions
  • Lockable compartment for coin removal and exchange of program card
  • Color relaxTower: TITAN or black, other colors upon request (with surcharge)
  • External payment systems upon request.
  • Vertical range of the massage rolls: 105 cm (approx. 3.4 ft)
  • Position angles of the chair: 128° – 150°
  • Operating voltage: AC 220 – 240 V; 50 – 60 Hz
  • Wattage: 170 W
  • Weight: 83 kg +/- 3 kg
  • Motor voltage: 24 V
  • Dimensions: approx. L 140 cm x W 75 cm x H 111 cm
    approx. L 4.6 ft x W 2.5 ft x H 3.6 ft
  • Dimensions when chair is fully reclined and the footrest positioned horizontally: L 161 cm x W 75 cm x H 90 cm
approx. L 5.3 ft x W 2.5 ft x H 3 ft
  • Dimensions: L 23 cm x W 23 cm x H 90 cm (approx. 9 x 9 x 35.4 inches)
  • Weight without coin-operated machine: 13,4 kg
  • Weight with coin-operated machine: 14 kg.

brainLight relaxTower PRO with Shiatsu-Massage Chair flow - Basic Model

Net price: €3.950 (without coin-operated machine and without calfrest)
Net price: €4.150 (without coin-operated machine and with calfrest)

Net price: €4.300 (with coin-operated machine and without calfrest)
Net price: €4.500 (with coin-operated machine and with calfrest)

NOTE: Due to different delivery costs per order and destination, all orders have to be placed by Email and will be processed individually. If you have any questions re. the product or your best choice, please contact your sales rep or send a preliminary email.

GUARANTEE: 24 months for private use, 6 months for commercial use.
WARRANTY: 24 months for private use, 12 months for commercial use.
All products subject to technical changes.

Your brainLight Sales Rep

Product Consultation


Product Consultation

We will gladly take care of your request and answer all your questions about the audio-visual relaxation systems by brainLight.

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User Manual

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Areas of Application

The compact, space-saving, and easy to maintain brainLight-relaxTower PRO flow is mainly used in beauty salons as well as in doctors’ offices and other health related enterprises. Also in wellness areas like spas in hotels, fitness-studios and seminar centers.

  • for relaxation and stress prophylaxis
  • as “Feeling-Well“ application
  • as stop-gap during waiting periods

It is well-liked as part of a Corporate Health Management in enterprises, since it can easily be placed even in small rooms for breaks, resting- or relaxation areas.


NEW: Shiatsu Massage Chair flow with an option

If so desired, you can choose a part to massage your calves instead of your feet for an additional € 200 (net price). (No massage for the soles of your feet!) With this feature, there is more space for users with long legs - and - without having to take off your shoes first - the brainLight-Feeling-Well-Experience can be started right away.

5 different types of massages


Heating function


LCD-Display showing current program and remaining session time


Zero Gravity Position


Massage with rollers


Lockable compartment for coin removal and exchange of program card


Air Pressure Massage


Very space-saving


Coin-operated machine for various currencies or tokens