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Medicine & Alternative Medicine


brainLight-Deep-Relaxation for better health and quality of life

In both prevention and rehabilitation, relaxation is the key to increased resilience, better health, a better quality of life, improved cognitive performance and the alleviation of psychosomatic complaints.

brainLight-Relaxation in Medicine and Alternative Medicine

The management of brainLight GmbH is committed to supporting relaxed and humane medicine with the company's relaxation systems. Here, the company promotes a path that takes into account the individual needs of patients and medical staff. The range of effects of brainLight-Systems has been proven by numerous studies (1), including at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (2). Furthermore, a user survey (3) was conducted at the Virchow-Klinikum campus of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin in 2018 as part of a test loan placement of a brainLight-System
{see our German Website on that:
Studien (1), Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf (2), Nutzer*innen-Befragung (3)}.

Medical practitioners are increasingly recognizing how closely physical and mental health are linked and how important preventative measures are. Many complaints that were previously diagnosed as non-specific physical disorders, such as headaches or back pain, are now regarded as psychiatric illnesses. The autonomic nervous system plays a particularly important role here, as it is the "mediator", so to speak, between the body functions that cannot be controlled and the brain: on the one hand, it receives signals from the brain and transmits them to the corresponding organs - on the other hand, it can also record messages from the body and transmit them to the brain. A study is currently investigating the effect of very special brainLight-Programs, the "Healing Meditations for the Body", on strengthening the body's self-healing powers.

brainLight as Support for Hospitals, Doctors, Physiotherapists and Alternative Practitioners

Are you looking for a useful addition to your therapeutic treatments? Relaxation is the key to increased resilience, better health and a better quality of life in both prevention and rehabilitation. From improving cognitive performance and alleviating psychosomatic complaints to regulating mild depression - brainLight-Systems have a wide range of applications.

Whether with or without an accompanying Shiatsu massage, when using the brainLight-Systems as part of a therapy session, users feel calm and deeply relaxed within a few minutes. Breathing slows down and becomes more even. The following results can be achieved with regular use: Deep relaxation, stress reduction and stress resistance, more life energy and vitality and more stable health.

They are not only used to accompany therapy, but also to relax relatives who want to bridge waiting times. Medical staff can also use the systems to relax deeply during a break in their often hectic working day.

The regular use of brainLight-Relaxation-Systems:
- has a positive influence on mental and physical health and behavior
- increases performance
- strengthens the body's own resources against external stress factors.

brainLight-Systems can be used in the medical and therapeutic field as follows:
- for more vitality and more stable health for employees
- in the clinical area for the relaxation of relatives who want to bridge waiting times
- for the relaxation of patients as the key to better recovery.

Regular relaxation with massage can have a positive effect in the following areas, especially in the case of chronic illnesses:

Nerves, Spine and Psyche

  • in the case of chronic pain conditions
  • in the case of arthrosis and intervertebral disc damage
  • in the case of stress-related states of exhaustion
  • in the case of psychosomatic dysfunctions
  • in the case of post-stroke treatment
  • in the case of sleep disorders
  • in the case of chronic fatigue
  • in the case of migraines

Internal Medicine, ENT Medicine and Gynecology

  • in the case of metabolic-related health disorders
  • in the case of hormonal dysregulation
  • in the case of a geriatric symptom complex
  • in the case of stomach and intestinal diseases
  • in the case of digestive complaints
  • in the case of heart diseases
  • in the case of blood pressure diseases
  • in the case of menopausal complaints
  • in the case of gynecological disorders
  • in the case of tinnitus

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