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The brainLight Principle

The pursuit of balance and happiness

The very first and greatest task in life is to maintain balance.

Wolfgang Wiesmann

The principle of balance at the core of the art of living.

The art of living is the knowledge necessary to live right and well, to really live and lead life in a way that succeeds in being happy. The art of living is an art of self-care. Important for self-care is the principle of balance. For the good and right lies in the middle between too little and too much. It is an organizing principle that extends to all of life.

Finding the right balance - keeping the whole in mind and finding balanced solutions - is the crucial challenge in private life as well as in companies. At brainLight, we have long known that the secret of life lies in balance.

We need to organize our lives in such a way that we are in harmony with both our bodies and our working environment, but also with our social environment, our family and friends, and finally with that part in us that seeks meaning.

Having balance in this process increases the quality of life.

In the search for balance, there are no simple recipes, only guiding rules for our actions.

Balance leads

  • from trust to visions,
  • from planners to designers,
  • from self-awareness to success stories,
  • from inner peace to competence,
  • from up-and-comers to leaders,
  • from numerical analysis to success figures,
  • from analysis to foresight,
  • from listeners to team players.

Balance and serenity - throughout life!

You and your health are our focus. With the brainLight-Balance we shape a well-being culture in symbiosis with health and wellness. Sustainable well-being, holistic equilibrium and high quality of life are at the heart of this. 

We treat our customers with appreciation, professional know-how and state-of-the-art technology of the highest quality. It's all about experience. A clear head and a good gut feeling are like music to the ears, stimulate and motivate in all areas of life and determine your own rhythm. We help you to keep the balance. Feeling good becomes a way of life for health and success in your professional and private life.

You yourself decide whether you want to walk the path together with us and whether we may also help you to lead a life in balance again.