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Our History

Our Story

A Higher Reality

Before the foundation of brainLight GmbH, there was a journey. This trip took the company's founders, Jochen Hufgard and Ursula Sauer, and their daughter Sabrina Sauer to the USA at the end of the 1980s. The aim of the trip was to get to know audio-visual relaxation at the touch of a button in the country of its origin. The enthusiasm of the travel experiences gave birth to the brainLight GmbH and the claim "Life in Balance" in 1988. The mission "Well-being for everyone" has always been part of the company's goal.

Breaking new ground has always been the domain of the brainLight GmbH

Until then, having light experiences was only reserved for die-hard yogis and people who meditate. Audio-visual relaxation systems, as they were distributed by brainLight GmbH from then on, carried this idea further and made it accessible to larger target groups. Because at the touch of a button, such experiences were now accessible to far more people than before. The beauty of this is the simplicity with which well-being now became possible. Virtually without any effort on their part, users can let themselves go and relax their minds. One year after the brainLight GmbH was founded, vacationers in many Aldiana-Thomas Cook vacation clubs started to relax audio-visually in 1989. At first, holiday-makers relaxed there on air mattresses via headphones and visualization glasses. Later the brainLight relaxations were supplemented with a seminar concept, which was developed by brainLight especially for the Aldiana vacationers. In addition, Shiatsu massage chairs soon complemented the audio-visual systems and provided physical relaxation. In addition, the training course to become a "Certified Trainer for Mental Fitness", which was recognized by the DGMT (German Society for Mental Training), was created as early as 1995. Like all brainLight products, the training was based on the premise of seeing people as a whole and making the mission of " Well-being for everyone" possible.

The unique selling point (USP) lies in the synergy of audio-visual relaxation and Shiatsu massage

This background prompted the company's managers to combine audio-visual relaxation and Shiatsu massage through an interface. Both components relax synergetically. Along the way of this product development and market launch are to be mentioned the be-Synchro (2007) and the brainLight relaxTower for commercial use (2008). In 2011 the be-Synchro changed to the Touch Synchro with integrated touch keyboard. By touching the corresponding digit on the touch panel, light, comfort sound, music and speech are used simultaneously and, if required, a Shiatsu massage chair is also operated. In the following years these systems were supplemented again and again with ever more innovative Shiatsu massage chairs. This development was mainly due to the progress made in individualization technology. The Shiatsu-Massage-Chair-4D-Zenesse - in the program since 2016 - enables a body scan, which is activated at the beginning of all programs. The massage chair adjusts the massage to the individual size of the user. The new generation of this technology has been incorporated into the Zenesse: Here, not only the length and width of the back are measured, but also the contours of the back. This makes it possible, for example, to massage along the shoulder blades. Since December 2019, the new Shiatsu-Massage-Chair flow surprises with features that are worth experiencing. For example, the compact flow also has a body scan to determine the individual back length. Then the massage is automatically adjusted to the determined data. The 6 automatic programs RELAX, REFRESH, SHOULDER/NECK, BACK, STRETCH, DREAM are available for massage selection. Another plus: The chair is covered with ÖKO Tex 100 certified leatherette.

Synchro PRO and relaxTower PRO were launched with a variety of program content

In addition, to relaxation and deceleration topics, the new Synchro PRO has been designed and launched in 2020. Each brainLight Synchro PRO contains 31 Basic Programs (English and international version), but users can create their own individual brainLight-System with additional Program-Sets of their choice. In addition, a software update for the brainLight-Systems was launched in 2020, which makes it possible to access even three-digit program-number combinations. This principle is reflected symmetrically in the relaxTower. It is now called relaxTower PRO and is available in combination with a brainlight Shiatsu-Massage-Chair as relaxTower PRO Basic. Like the Synchros, it can be supplemented with various Program-Sets. From up to 6 Program-Sets (and growing), the individually favored programs can be selected and purchased. Older systems can be upgraded to the new program configuration by updating the software or circuit board.

2006 saw the introduction of the brainLight-Systems as part of the Corporate Health Management program.

A growing business field opened up as early as 2006, when Unilever began to integrate the light-filled relaxation of the brainLight-Systems into the Corporate Health Management (CHM). In 2009/10, other well-known companies such as Rheinenergie (Rhine Energy), Deutsche Post, Siemens, Lufthansa and BMW followed. To this end, the company conducted a study with the market research institute EuPD Research on the topic of stress resilience. The survey proved the return on investment of stress-preventive measures. From 2011 to 2015, brainLight was a partner of the Corporate Health Awards, the most prestigious award for Corporate Health Management in Germany.
In addition, in 2012, the Healthy Workers Study with Schwenninger Krankenkasse (Health insurance group) and Furtwangen University explored the questions: "Can stress be measured?" and: "How can stress be reduced?". A heart rate variability scanner was used to determine this. A partnership with the Healing Hotels of the World rounded off the cooperation spectrum. The alliance includes 85 properties worldwide. These leading hotels and resorts for holistic health have made it their mission to improve the lives of their guests holistically and sustainably.


Numerous renowned Awards won in recent years, such as the Plus X Award for the "Product of the Year", which was won six times between 2011 and 2020, as well as the seal for "Highest Customer Satisfaction" in 2018, 2019, and 2020 were confirmation of the course taken. Furthermore, winning the German Brand Award 2017 and 2019 proved that the need for mindfulness and relaxation has arrived in the midst of our society.

Cooperation with universities

At an early stage, the company entered into cooperations with universities. The cooperation with the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences (H-BRS) is outstanding. The project "More Health Awareness Through Sustainable Sensitizing" which has been running since 2016 and is being evaluated by the H-BRS, has now been proven to increase health awareness at over 175 companies with over 4,150 people (as of 12/2022). Two further projects on "Efficient regeneration breaks" and on "Measures following a psychological risk assessment" in the field of action "Stress Management" in companies complement the cooperation with the H-BRS. The project "Relaxed teaching" for teachers at educational institutions of all kinds sets a further accent. This is rounded off by the in-house survey "Exploring Self-Healing Forces".

Here, too, the H-BRS undertakes the evaluation. 10 audio-visual programs: ""Healing Meditations for the Internal Organs" support the self-healing forces of the body thereby lightful. To examine these brainLight-Programs and prove their effect, brainLight has been conducting this study since July 2018. An online newsletter invitation had previously been followed by over 300 test subjects. In the meantime (Sept. 2023), more than 1,120 health-conscious participants have taken part in the study. Here you can find the current results of the study.

Life Balance Days

Trade fairs and events have always been the domain of the brainLight GmbH. With the 2nd Life Balance Day (LBD) in 2016, brainLight GmbH itself already organized the second major event (after the Life Balance Day 2015) on the topic of Life Balance in the German-speaking region. This event supported the primary goals of the brainLight GmbH: Humanity, social responsibility, best quality, innovations and sustainability. With almost 400 visitors and top speakers such as Prof. Dr. Bernhard Badura, Prof. Dr. Christoph Tiebel, Dr. Christian Martin Morgenstern, Dr. Michaela Karsten and Prof. Dr. Theo Peters, the LBD sensitized private individuals and companies (within the framework of the Corporate Health Management) for a life in balance.


As an owner-managed company, brainLight takes responsibility and is committed to the progress and well-being of mankind. The goal of brainLight GmbH is to increase people's quality of life and the (r)evolution of consciousness with the help of relaxation systems. Trade fair events are also an excellent platform for this, as they bring together people from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds. Represented at such events since 1992, the medium-sized company is now present at around 130 trade fairs a year as a wellness service provider, if the general conditions allow this. Jochen Hufgard, Managing Director of the company, adds: "Basically, we have products that every human being needs, in a time that is characterized by productivity madness and a hectic pace. For it is the goal of a person to find oneself."
brainLight thus provides balance during a visit to the trade fair. Caused by corona-related trade fair cancellations, brainLight GmbH designed a new platform. In many major German cities, the "Days of Relaxation" have been taking place since spring 2020. Here, brainLight GmbH makes proven relaxation offers to the people on site.

Deep regeneration from stress

The mentioned systems enable deep regeneration from stress. As a result, users become more friendly, creative and productive. This has a positive and profitable effect on their family life and their work in the company. What is exciting is the method of "relaxation at the touch of a button", which works simply, immediately and effectively for many people. This has been proven by many Studies.

Whether as a counterbalance to extreme sports, as with Andreas Ernhofer and the triathlete Daniela Jakobler or as a way to find one's own center, as for success guarantor Jürgen Hunke: brainLight enriches your life.

The company lives in a spirit of openness and tolerance towards others. Family members in the second generation are already working on implementing the company's motto. The task for the next few years will be to spread "Life in Balance" even more widely. Projects such as the cooperation with DB Regio as part of the "Train of Ideas" / Ideenzugs are already putting this into practice.


2020 - Launch of the project "brainLight for the Nation's Heroes"

In the corona year 2020, a clinic and retirement home project was launched. The target group are the health and care facilities, in which the greatest stress is currently taking hold due to corona. The brainLight GmbH supports nurses and doctors by providing them with the relaxation systems in the facilities, enabling them to take time out from their stressful daily work. The professional group, which is also praised by the media and society as the " Nation's Heroes", can look forward to a brainLight relaxation treat for four weeks at no cost. Numerous beneficiaries of the relaxation offer wrote testimonials thanking for the test. Some of them subsequently purchased the systems. To date, 205 clinics and retirement homes have participated in the goodwill campaign, which was even being reported on by the radio station Bayern 1/ Radiosender Bayern 1.

Ursula Sauer, Managing Director of brainLight GmbH, comments: "When the winds of change blow, some people build thick walls, others put up windmills," and continues, "carried by faith in the good and by the flexible attitude of our employees, we weather the storm and put up windmills!"

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