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The brainLight-Massage Chairs

The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chairs

Get to know the brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chairs

Choose the right massage chair for you and enjoy pure relaxation! Are you under stress and can hardly switch off in the evening after work? Back pain and tension can be the consequences of a high workload. A massage in one of our brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chairs works wonders here.

The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair

Shiatsu Massage is a Japanese form of Massage. It aims to treat the body similar to physiotherapy by giving it a massage. Various massage elements from energetic bodywork and manual treatment methods, are united under the term Shiatsu. It is important to mention that a Shiatsu massage is not exclusively aimed at relaxing the person, but above all at improvement of the physical condition.

Looking for your private masseur at home?

The individual massage rolls in the brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage chair circle along the back up to the upper pelvic area. Lateral air cushions in the hip and shoulder area additionally massage the body with gentle pressure. In the foot area, a massage helps relieve and relax the feet. Even the hands are pampered by means of a hand massage implemented in the massage chair. In the area of the arms and hands, a kneading massage of the upper arm takes place and thus does not leave out even this part of the body. The intensity of the massage can be individually regulated.

Get your personal masseur at home and get massaged and pampered whenever you want in your living room at home. However, the unique brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chairs can not only be used at home, but also in any company as part of a Corporate Health Management. Every employee will prefer a short massage break to an ordinary break at work and the company will benefit from relaxed and stress-free employees.

Which Shiatsu-Massage Chair suits me?

The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair 4D Zenesse is our top modell. It represents a new generation of brainLight-Systems, which can do everything even better than all its predecessors. The worldwide unique combination of an audio-visual relaxation unit and Shiatsu massage chair enables mental and physical relaxation by pressing a button. Inspired by far-eastern philosophy and the interaction of Yin and Yang, the Zenesse massage chair can massage from very gentle to very strong. New features include: the seat swing function, which causes the seat area of the massage chair to swing; the 4D-body sensor, which adjusts the massage to the body vertically, horizontally, and in depth and determines the individual contours of the back. The innovative brainLight-System is thus the easiest way to promote your own health and find your own center - your Life Balance. With its integrative approach of mental and physical relaxation as well as mental training, the relaxTower Zenesse also fits ideally into the wellness offer of modern SPAs, wellness & fitness centers and hotels. As part of a brainLight-Complete-System, it was awarded the coveted Plus X Award 2016/2017 and 2018 as "Best Product of the Year" by the jury of the Plus X Award.

The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair Gravity PLUS is a compact massage chair and offers users a simple and easy massage experience. Users who suffer from back pain or a slipped disc can thus relieve their body in a targeted and sustainable way. Soothing massage movements through the massage rollers attached to the back and foot area provide the body with relaxation and regeneration. The massage chair can be used at any time and has a massage function in the back area, a heating function and a calf air pressure massage in the leg area. The focus of the massage in the back area can be adjusted individually according to need and desired massage focus. Especially in case of a certain pain point, which for example should not be touched if possible, the massage can be adjusted exactly according to this. The brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage Chair Gravity PLUS has no massage in the hand area and no massaging air cushions in the hip and shoulder area. This model is especially suitable for use during work breaks in companies, as no shoes have to be taken off during the application and also e.g. jewelry and watches do not have to be taken off.

Basically, all our Shiatsu massage chairs are characterized by a very low energy consumption, comparable to that of a desk lamp. Due to the low operating costs and the great positive effect for the employees, our massage chairs are therefore in great demand as part of the brainLight-Complete-Systems in companies.