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Frequently Asked Questions

Any Questions about the brainLight-Systems?

On this page we have summarized the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the brainLight-Deep-Relaxation-Systems for you. If your specific question is not listed here, please feel free to contact us directly by phone or email.

As a result of the phenomenon known as FFR ( Frequency-Following-Response), the human brain follows a prolonged acoustic or visual stimulus and eventually begins to resonate in the electrical wave pattern of that very frequency. To give you an idea of how stimuli affect the eyes and ears in the first few seconds, here are some comparisons: Think of the magic of flickering fire, the interplay of light and shadow as you drive through an avenue of trees, or the sparkling of the sun on ocean waves.

For more information on the background of audio-visual stimulation, see the Mode of Operation page.

Our brainpower is based on electricity. Each of the billions of our brain cells "fires" or discharges electrically at a certain frequency. These electrical signals can be recorded by EEG (electroencephalograph), much like a seismograph records movement in the earth. The EEG does not measure the electrical signal of individual brain cells, but the cooperative electrical pattern of networks of many millions of cells discharging together. These collective energy pulses are called brain waves. Since the first EEG was developed in the 1920s, it has been found that the brain produces four different types of brain waves, called Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta waves.

For more information on the topic of brain waves, see the Mode of Operation page.

This is a legitimate question, since we are dealing with very low frequencies of about 0.5 - 30 Hz, which even huge loudspeakers cannot reproduce. Therefore, in the brainLight-System a different technique is used: Many light and sound impulses are emitted according to the hertz number. A frequency of 10 Hz thus corresponds to 10 acoustic and visual stimuli per second.

For more detailed information on the frequencies used, see the Mode of Operation page.

Optical-acoustic systems have been scientifically studied for decades. The effectiveness has been repeatedly confirmed by EEG recordings (electroencephalograph), HRV measurements (heart rate variability) and the subjective questioning of test persons. As the fields of application of the brainLight-Systems shift with the changing times, we regularly commission new studies with different focal points. For example, the important role that brainLight-Systems play in the relaxation of employees in various companies today would have been unthinkable in the 1990s. Such trends then require up-to-date studies tailored to the new area of application.

For more information, see the following page: The Healing Study.

Since these studies have been done in Germany, more information in German on the following pages: Studienergebnisse, Studien & Statistiken.

If you observe the contraindications, the brainLight-Synchro is a safe tool with which you can only benefit yourself. The brain is stimulated purely physically with sensory stimuli, i.e. in a natural and gentle way via the sensory organs eye and ear to adapt to the given frequencies. In contrast to the influences we are permanently exposed to through radio, television, internet and our environment in general, you can determine with the brainLight-Synchro through the program selection in which direction you want to stimulate your brain. Our systems work exclusively with frequencies that the brain usually produces (up to 40 Hz). If you pause or stop with the brainLight-Sessions, no withdrawal symptoms or the like will occur.

For more information, see the following page: Contraindications.

There are only set formulas when using "personality design" programs, for example, if you want to change a habit (this can be a concrete action like smoking, or your eating behavior, or emotional habitual states like low self-esteem). Here it is recommended that you do the appropriate deep suggestion or mental training program 21 times in a row, preferably at the same time of day. This should be done either for 21 consecutive days, or spread over the duration of 7 weeks, with three sessions weekly (preferably always the same days).
For all other sessions, you should follow your own needs. The program titles and descriptions will tell you which session is most appropriate for your situation or time of day. The more regularly you use a program type, the greater the long-term effects (see next question).

This is individually different and also depends on how you feel that day. What our studies and experience show, however, is that the immediate effect of a session can be intensified by regular use. The immediate stress reduction caused by a 20-minute deep relaxation, for example, develops into a fundamentally increased stress resistance when used several times, and into a lasting stress resistance when used over a long period of time. Furthermore, there are effects that only develop over a longer period of time. The brainLight-System is above all an impulse generator, which stimulates your organism to reach certain states. Once these states are "learned and practiced", they occur more and more easily on their own, even without a brainLight-Session.

You can find more information about the effect on body and mind on the page Mode of Operation.

Due to the scientifically based approach of the frequency-following-response (FFR), the audio-visual stimulation of the brainLight-Systems leads to the desired results without your own intervention. Creating a comfortable external setting for the session in which you feel at ease can additionally ease your access to "switching off" and reaching your inner depth.

For more information on the background of audio-visual stimulation, see the Mode of Operation page.

Please refer to our Contraindications page for more information.

In our range of accessories, we carry visualization glasses with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in different colors and with two different types of lenses - so there is something for the curious, the experimental and people with special needs. Which visualization glasses are preferred depends on your personal preference. Here is some information for your orientation.

Visualization-Glasses with white LEDs:
The color white has the longest light wave and therefore reaches the most light receptors. With these visualization glasses the best stimulation is thereby achieved over a long period of time.

Visualization-Glasses with red LEDs:
Usually people who do not initially see colors with white or green LEDs  immediately experience beautiful, bright light effects with the red LEDs. The stimulation level is between the white and green visualization glasses.

Visualization-Glasses with green LEDs:
The visualization glasses with green LEDs are especially suitable for people with sensitive or light-sensitive eyes. Likewise, we recommend them for learning applications and for children. Our Synchro PRO one with the Clever Learning Programs for children and adults therefore comes with the green LEDs instead of white LEDs as standard.

Visualization-Glasses with blue LEDs:
The visualization glasses with blue LEDs have a similar effect as the ones with white LEDs. Moreover, for some people they have a special, positive effect.

Here you can have a closer look at the different options.

Relaxation is the basis for accessing the subconscious, which is necessary for deep suggestion to have its effect. The brainLight-Synchro leads you with the appropriate light and sound impulses into a very deep relaxation and thus creates the ideal conditions for the use of deep suggestions.

Seeing the colors you perceive through the visualization glasses behind your closed eyes change, is a normal occurrence and a reflection of the development of your inner state. It is also a sign that your subconscious is responding. The colors have an individual meaning for each person. When doing a deep relaxation session, blue and green can represent immersion into relaxation, purple can represent a state of light to medium relaxation, and white can represent very deep relaxation. Be alert and explore your inner worlds.

Yes. Test whether doing the brainLight-Session while wearing a hearing aid is comfortable. If not, remove your hearing aid and turn up the volume of the headphones using the volume control on the cable. If the hearing ability of your ears is different, we recommend headphones whose volume can be adjusted separately for both sides. Please contact us about this.

If you are interested, please contact your sales rep or send a preliminary email.

There are 4 main types of headphones:

  • Over-ear-headphones that wrap around your ears and let you fully enjoy the sound.
  • On-ear-headphones that are very similar to over-ear headphones. The difference, however, is that the pads are not around the ears, but on the ears.
  • In-ear-headphones*.
    This group can be divided again:
    - Earphones, such as the Apple iPod earphones. These sit in the outer ear, just above the opening of the ear canal.
    - Proper in-ear headphones are seated deeper in the ear, so they close off the beginning of the ear canal, blocking out most of the outside noise around you.

Click on headphones to find more information on this.

*Our in-ear-headphones can only be used with the brainLight mobil system.
For technical details and more information click here: brainLight mobil basic.

"Noise-cancelling" (or "active noise-cancelling" anti-sound) headphones reduce ambient noise using electronic technology. Although the technologies used by companies vary slightly, most incorporate a small microphone that identifies ambient noise and emits an opposing signal to muffle the sound. This technology works well for constant noise, such as the drone of an airplane or subway. This type of headphone requires batteries. Some models allow you to listen to music without batteries or with active noise cancellation turned off, while others allow you to listen only when charged batteries are inserted. You can find active noise cancellation technology in in-ear*, on-ear and over-ear headphones.

Click on headphones to find more information on this.

*Our in-ear-headphones can only be used with the brainLight mobil system.
For technical details and more information click here: brainLight mobil basic.

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Product Consultation

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