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Rehab & Care


Nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living

The care of dementia patients in particular, but also the care of other residents in retirement homes, demands a high level of commitment from staff. Due to the care and attention that nursing staff devote to the elderly, they themselves often reach their limits and often burn out. Staff shortages add to this pressure.

Supporting personnel

Implementing brainLight-Systems is one way to counteract this problem. A relevant impact analysis proves this. In 2011, 15 employees took part in a four-week test phase of the brainLight-System at the Caritas Johann Bernhard Mayer care home for the elderly in Lauda, Germany. When used two to three times a week, 85 percent of participants found that their physical well-being improved. In addition, 86.5 percent saw an improvement in their mental state. Almost half of the 159 sessions were rated as "very good" by the participants.

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brainLight-Systems as a unique selling point

In addition, care facilities can set themselves apart from the competition for good employees with a unique selling point: In so-called recreation zones, residents, relatives and staff can relax deeply and reduce stress.

This is how you benefit from the brainLight-Systems:

  • Your employees benefit physically and mentally
  • Your residents and their relatives can relax in a sustained manner
  • Your working atmosphere will improve
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