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Products & Milestones

Our Journey

Areas of Impact of our Products

The decelerating effect of the brainLight-Systems is reflected in the company's philosophy. Because the brainLight GmbH wants to contribute with its conduct and actions to bring people more in contact with themselves and their intrinsic divine being.

Milestones of the brainLight-Product Development

Areas of Application of the brainLight-Products

Whether employees use the systems in the context of the CHM (Corporate Health Management) in their company or whether people relax privately, they learn to let go which also promotes mental health. As a result, users are friendlier, more productive and work together more harmoniously. This also has a positive and profitable effect personally, on family and business. The interlocking products are easy to use, comfortable and carefully designed. They bring people into their own balance. The resulting change in thinking brings about actions that are healthier, more social, more responsible and more sustainable for society in the long run. Whether you want to learn a new language on the fly or gain insight into your own mind, the optimized brainLight-Sessions ensure that you always get the best out of yourself. Companies that engage in this area can receive tax incentives (in Germany).

Milestones in the brainLight-Product-Development

The history of the company began in 1988 with the brainLight Synchronizer 1.0. Even then, it could lead to inner balance with headphones and visualization glasses. Based on the principle of a Walkman, programs were recorded on audio cassette. 

The very first brainLight-System: The Synchronizer 1.0
brainLight Synchro II

In 1992, the Synchro magic dream came on the market. Here an external audio source was connected for the sound stimuli that guided into relaxation. The brainLight Synchro SL I (1997) refined the sessions and enlarged the program spectrum. With the brainLight Rack 3 of 2001, the first multi-user system came on the market. Relaxing on air mattresses, several users could be led from stress to relaxation with the same program. The brainLight Synchro CD-ROM II (2002) allowed the connection to a CD player. The Synchro CD-ROM II allowed users to have programs with voice, light, and music accompaniment via CD-ROMs for enhanced relaxation enjoyment.

brainLight Synchro SL I
brainLight Synchro CD-ROM II and brainLight MiO

With the PowerSynchro III, a stable, mobile brainLight-System on CD-basis was launched in 2006. In the same year brainLight launched the RELAXATION OASIS I, which was to replace the multi-user system and offered space for two people relaxing seated in armchairs. Here, the corresponding CDs were exchanged by means of a changer and played depending on the program selection.

brainLight PowerSynchro III

In 2005 brainLight-Systems were combined with massage chairs for the first time
A further increase of the brainLight-Wellbeing-Experience could be enjoyed by users from 2005 on. The brainlight-Systems could now be combined with massage chairs for the first time. One of the first models at that time was the VIBRO HEAT, followed by the first Shiatsu-Massage-Chairs, the Shiatsu ENERGY, the Shiatsu CHI and the Shiatsu AIR. The latter already had 10 different massage programs, timer function, stretching and rocking functions, an adjustable seat angle and some of them also already had a back heating and calf massage unit.

brainLight Shiatsu-Massage-Chair CHI
brainLight Shiatsu-Massage-Chair AIR

Products from brainLight-Development and -Manufacture emerged from 2007 onwards
On July 7, 2007, the company presented a new, self-developed relaxation system, the "brainLight be Synchro". It emits light, frequency tone, music and speech simultaneously at the touch of a button. It also controls a Shiatsu massage chair. This technology is unique worldwide and has established itself on the German market. For the now fully synchronized systems with massage chairs, the term "brainLight-Complete-Systems" was coined for the first time at that time. In this context, the company launched another Deep Relaxation System especially for commercial use, the brainLight relaxTower, in 2008. This system also controls a Shiatsu-Massage-Chair at the same time and offers great potentials in the application in the context of the Corporate Health Management (CHM). New chair models were the AIR PLUS and the GRAVITY. The HEAT'N'ROLL followed as an starter model in 2009. In 2010, the company launched the Synchro be clever and the Dolphin be clever. These are audio-visual learning media for children of pre-school and primary school age. The basic assumption for the effect of these two products is the fact that prior relaxation improves learning success.

brainLight be Synchro
brainLight Dolphin be clever

brainLight in the years 2011 to 2013
In autumn of 2011, the brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair 3D FLOAT was launched, a further development of the massage chair technology, among others using the 3D-Massage-Technology. In 2012, this system won the Plus X Award for "Best Product of the Year" as relaxTower 3D FLOAT. In addition, the Touch Synchro was available from 2011 on as a more user-friendly version through further development of the audio-visual be Synchros.

In 2012, the company presented the relaxTower Two-in-one, which simultaneously controls two massage chairs. The company also launched the Shiatsu Massage Chair Spice and 10 audio-visual sports programs. In 2013, the 3D FLOAT PLUS Shiatsu-Massage-Chair joined the lineup. Its improved 3D technology made it possible to apply the massage even more precisely to the user's acupressure points with the desired, manually adjustable intensity. On the other hand, in addition to an acupressure point recognition system, the chair has a body scan that is activated at the beginning of the automatic programs. The relaxTower 3D FLOAT PLUS was named "Best Product of the Year" by the jury of the Plus X Awards.

brainLight Touch Synchro
brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair 3D FLOAT PLUS with relaxTower

Corporate Health Management (CHM) Services and the 4D-Zenesse Shiatsu-Massage-Chair complement the range from 2015/16 onwards
In 2015, the product range was expanded to include more health management services. In addition to the brainLight-Systems as a direct CHM measure for relaxing employees, companies were supported with "my CHM" with a personal support for all everyday questions about CHM. With this unique, customized consulting approach, brainLight made it straight to the top of the list at the German Industry Award 2016 in the category "Customer Service and Services", making it one of the most advanced and best-performing industry products. With the Shiatsu-Massage-Chair 4D-Zenesse, brainLight GmbH has implemented a novel concept in 2016 and created the next generation of high-tech relaxation systems as a Complete-System with the relaxTower or the Touch Synchro complete. Even before the official market launch on May 30/31, 2016, this worldwide unique high-tech Relaxation-System was awarded the coveted Plus X Award as "Best Product of the Year" 2016 by the PLUS X Award jury. This makes the relaxTower Zenesse the "Deep Relaxation System of the Year", awarded for innovation, high quality, design, functionality and ergonomics.

brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair 4D-Zenesse with relaxTower
brainLight-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair 4D-Zenesse with Touch Synchro

New Program Structure and new Shiatsu-Massage-Chair flow as of 2020
In October 2020, the company launched new software for all brainLight-Systems and introduced a new program structure at the same time. The new program structure is characterized by using three-digit instead of previously two-digit number combinations for the audio-visual relaxing Synchros (each with or without Shiatsu-Massage-Chair). This means that from 2020 on, each brainLight-System can contain up to 999 brainLight-Programs. The same applies to the commercially usable relaxTower, which, in combination with a Shiatsu-Massage-Chair, provides deeply felt regeneration. Older systems can be upgraded to the new program configuration by means of a software or circuit board update. The new software is linked to the Synchro PRO. The PRO version is also available with a massage chair. The corresponding program sets can be added in modular form. This principle is reflected in the relaxTower. It is now called relaxTower PRO. Also in 2020, the new Shiatsu-Massage-Chair flow surprised with features that are well worth noting. For example, the compact flow has a body scan to determine the individual back length. The massage is then automatically adjusted to the determined parameters. The 6 automatic programs RELAX, REFRESH, SHOULDER/NECK, WAIST/BACK, STRETCH, DREAM are available as massage selection. Another plus point: it is lined in ÖKO Tex 100 certified leatherette. In addition, the flow can be combined with the audio-visual relaxation systems Synchro PRO or the relaxTower PRO for commercial use. With the synergy of Shiatsu massage and audio-visual relaxation, the brainLight-Complete-System with Shiatsu-Massage-Chair flow has a unique position in the market. The massage chair serves the physical relaxation. Combined with an audio-visual Relaxation-System, the 6-fold-massage is also a blessing mentally. The Relaxation-System stands for high quality, design, ease of use and ergonomics and was awarded the Plus X Award 2020/21.

brainLight Shiatsu-Massage-Chair flow
The Different Types Of Massage

brainLight mobil (2022) and the 4D-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair SPHERE (2023)
In 2022, brainLight GmbH presented its audio-visual relaxation in a whole new way. The focus was on the newly developed brainLight mobil. From September 22, 2022 on, the more than 300 audio-visual brainLight-Relaxation-Programs, which were previously available, for example, with the Synchro PRO, can now be used via smartphone with an app. This app is available in the Apple iOS App Store and in the Android Google Play Store under the name "brainLight mobil".

In 2023, the company presented the new 4D-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair SPHERE. It enables, for example, a health check to determine the heart rate and oxygen saturation in the blood. From this, the chair's software can derive an individualized massage for the calculated fatigue level, which can then be selected. The 4D-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair SPHERE envelops you in a sphere of well-being, including the air (Negativ-Ions-Function), hence the name. It holds new features, such as 12 automatic programs in the categories "Classic", "Special" and "Focus". They relax into desired mental states in each case. The air pressure intensity of the massage can be activated or adjusted during the massage program or the audio-visual brainLight-Session. A 3D-mechanism with 6 depth settings also ensures the perception of the massage in deep regions of the body of users. In addition, a Negative-Ions-Function in the head section generates negative oxygen ions. These correspond to the fresh air in a forest or at a waterfall. Inhaling them leads to mental & physical regeneration. This function also promotes healthy sleep and a good mood. The SPHERE was recognized in 2023 by the Plus X Award for its high quality, ease of use, functionality and ergonomics. The brainLight-Synchro PRO 4D-SPHERE can also shine with an award and bears the Plus X Award seal of approval "Best Product of the Year 2023/2024".

brainLight mobil
brainLight-4D-Shiatsu-Massage-Chair SPHERE with Synchro PRO