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Children, Teens and Adults

brainLight-Systems for children, teens and adults

Relaxed Learning for School and University

To enable children, teens and interested adults to better absorb learning material and to expand their ability to concentrate, brainLight offers programs specifically designed for them. These programs aim to prevent learning and concentration difficulties and provide children as well as teens and adults with the additional opportunity to relax as well.

Relax smart

Since the foundation of the brainLight GmbH in 1988, we have been offering audio-visual systems, that we call Synchros, which make it possible to lead the brain specifically into an attentive and concentrated state and thus significantly facilitate learning. The basic assumption here is that relaxation is the prerequisite for absorbing and applying new information - a frequently proven scientific thesis.

While our technology has primarily been focused on adults seeking a particularly effective method or a new approach to learning, another issue has increasingly gained public attention in recent years:

  • The excessive demands placed on our youngest children
  • The increasing learning and behavioral pressure to which children are already exposed in elementary school
  • and the resulting concentration difficulties.

As this has been a long-standing concern for us, we have developed the brainLight program "Clever – A Positive Learning Experience and Training" specifically for children, teens and interested adults.

In 2021, we launched the "Learning as easy as child's play" study (Clever-Study - only offered in Germany at this time) to investigate the influence of brainLight-Systems using the Clever-Programs on the learning behavior and learning success of the test subjects. The target group is schoolchildren, young people, students and adults who are enthusiastic about learning.

Effectiveness studies with the brainLight-Clever-Programs

For this study from 2016/2017, a former Synchro model had been used. In the meantime we offer the brainLight-Synchro PRO or the brainLight-Synchro PRO one.

Our recommendation for children, teens and adults

The brainLight-Programs "Clever – A Positive Learning Experience and Training"

The brainLight Clever programs were developed to support faster and easier learning and enable brain training at the cutting edge of neurotechnology. Children, teens and interested adults are invited to participate in an exciting journey into the world of fast and easy learning.