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brainLight mobil

The unique brainLight-Feeling-Well-Experience away from home

More quality of life at the touch of a button - anytime, anywhere

Just as easy to use as our brainLight Synchro PRO, here you don't have to do anything more than choosing the program number and put on the visualization-glasses and headphones. At the touch of a button, a symphony of light and sound frequencies as well as matching music begins. Depending on the program selection, you will also be accompanied by speech on your journey inside.

Let go, relax, feel good - anytime, anywhere

Usable for iOS 15 and higher or Android 8.1 and higher

brainLight mobil can be used with iOS (Apple) or Android operating systems (e.g. Honor, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Google Phone, Xiaomi, etc.).
The corresponding app is free of charge and can be downloaded.
For iOS go to: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/brainlight-mobil/id1615004786
and for Android:

Device requirements

The brainLight mobil app works with iPhone 7 or newer and with the latest version of iOS, iPad PRO (third generation or newer), iPad (sixth generation or newer), iPad Air (third generation) and iPad mini (fifth generation) with the latest version of iPadOS.

Learning preparation for school or university


Relaxing during a long train ride


For mental training and success in sports


brainLight mobil one for different areas of application

We also offer the brainLight mobil as "brainLight mobil one" with only one of our program-sets (as you might already know it from the Synchro PRO one), which are suitable for different areas of application depending on the program content. In addition, 30 fixed and 20 frequency-fixed programs are also included, to be used with your own selection of music.

Additional Program-Sets for the brainLight mobil

Additional Program-Sets for the brainLight mobil

The brainLight-Programs are grouped into thematically different Program-Sets. The range is constantly being expanded and extended on request.