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Corporate Mission Statement

Our Guiding Principles

A good decision is based on knowledge, not numbers.



As an owner-managed company, we take responsibility and are committed to the progress and well-being of humanity. Our goal is to increase the quality of life of people and the (r)evolution of consciousness with the help of our systems.


Our mission is a "Well-being for All":
By establishing holistic relaxation solutions as standard, we promote a life in balance. Every person should have the opportunity to live a fulfilled life and to develop their unique potentials and use them for the benefit of an organization and humanity.

Research shows that one needs intellect and emotion to successfully manage complexity. Intellectual knowledge alone is not enough - too much emotionality, on the other hand, also proves to be a hindrance.

We want to contribute to the growth of a willingness in our society to understand each other and a growing positive attitude to support people in their personal and creative potential.

We see our systems as part of a global development towards deceleration and connectedness - a return to the essential, to simplicity, to the origin.

Our programs of light, sound, music, and massage are optimally coordinated and bring a person at the touch of a button into a desired state, e.g. deep relaxation, mindfulness, alertness. It becomes possible to dive into a life full of awareness and new conditioning. Both privately and professionally.

We live this message, which goes hand in hand with the product, through an authentic corporate culture. With energy, creativity and passion, we develop innovations that are used in a variety of ways, both privately and by companies.

Company Culture

Today, quality and competence are taken for granted. However, they alone are not enough to set a company apart from the competition. That is why employees are becoming increasingly important. Their commitment, energy, creativity and ability to innovate are what make our company so successful in the long run. People make the difference for us.

Our innovative corporate culture therefore follows the principle of humanness and is characterized by health, warm-heartedness and liveliness.

Our products are embedded in this authentic corporate culture, which underpins the company philosophy. It is about the well-being, responsibility and awareness of each individual, which is transferred to the overall consciousness - which in turn supports each other.

People today also expect a company to provide them with holistic and meaningful experiences. With this mutual conviction, we are committed to performing all tasks in the company with dedication and integrity.

The deep satisfaction and sustainable well-being of our employees and customers is the source that feeds the flow of our overall concept.

Our six guiding principles and six statements are based on this:


Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles are:

  • Compassion and solidarity
  • Openness and fairness
  • Cooperation and inspiration
  • Tireless pursuit of innovation and improvement
  • Adaptability
  • Gratitude.


The brainLight GmbH considers self-responsibility and the common good. The value orientation, which is derived from brainLight's corporate philosophy, is realized through the effect of our products as well as the appreciative interaction with our employees, customers and partners.

So we carry our values outward in our dealings with people and through the product. These partial aspects are coherent in themselves and even come to the fore in the product design. The Cheops pyramid shape of the audio-visual Synchros PRO can be mentioned here. Pyramid translates as fire in the middle. Another symbolism can be found in the form of the eternal knot on the colored black pyramids. It signifies the interconnectedness of all being. On the white pyramids you can find the Celtic triskele, which is a three-part symbol of all being and life. The symbols underline the deeply felt way of the working of the systems. Altogether, the value orientation potentiates and thus results in efficiency. And whenever a vision is implemented in new ways and existing conditions are turned upside down, this is called (r)evolution. And such a (r)evolution is always beneficial, especially for the common good.

Sustainable development is generally a dynamic process that moves between different poles such as preserving and changing, professional and private life, short-term success and sustainable development, heart and mind. In the oscillation between the poles, energy and creativity emerge as the drive for sustainable development.

Sustainability is therefore a principle on which our corporate strategy is based. Here, it combines long-term economic value creation with ecological and social responsibility.

Since 1988, brainLight GmbH has been dedicated to help people connect with relaxation. Long before burnout became a health issue, brainLight GmbH was committed to stress resilience. Within the framework of Corporate Health Management, we equip business relaxation rooms and thus support employees in becoming more creative, more relaxed and, above all, healthier.

Superlearning and mental training become possible through brainLight. Our company provides the user with a tool that creates new possibilities to use the potential of the brain - also in the context of neuroleadership. This is the transfer of neuroscientific findings to leadership methods in the company.

The resulting change in thinking brings about actions that are healthier, more social, more responsible and more sustainable for society in the long run.

It is about sustainability in dealing with one's own person - the thoughts, the body, decisions, learning. The benefit from this is a very personal one that manifests itself in a positive outlook on life and thus has a positive impact on others. On a broader scale, this can have a positive impact on a social level.

We have made innovation a guiding principle of our corporate culture and thus created a culture of innovation. brainLight brings people into a good, happy and relaxed state in the shortest possible time by means of self-developed relaxation systems with a unique selling proposition. As a result, people are friendlier, more productive, and work together more harmoniously. This also has a positive and profitable effect personally, on family and company. The brainLight-Systems are easy to use and more than the sum of their parts. Physical and mental regeneration come together in an all-around feeling-well package. This unique combination is only available from the brainLight GmbH.

The part that makes us excited as a brainLight-Team is that our concept works simply, immediately and effectively for many people, which has also been proven by numerous scientific studies. Our motivation lies above all in the certainty that relaxed people have a more loving relationship with themselves and others.

Mental illnesses, burnout, etc., caused by everyday life and work are on the rise. Here the brainLight GmbH creates a counter-trend, as applications on the systems prevent stress-related, mental illnesses. In the future the enterprise sees itself therefore ever more increasingly in enterprises as a component of the Corporate Health Management (CHM).

As a partner of the Corporate Health Award, the leading quality initiative for Corporate Health Management in German-speaking countries, brainLight indirectly contributes to the fact that employee health is a topic that is becoming increasingly important.

For the private user, the development of the control of brainLight-Systems by iPhone is progressing. Another goal is to establish Recreation Zones in prime locations in all cities.

At brainLight, we understand quality to be the fulfillment of our performance promises to our customers, partners and employees. The desired goal of "Balanced Excellence" can only be achieved if managers and employees jointly take responsibility for quality, if standardized methods and tools are available, and if processes are continuously improved. The basis for this is provided by the elements "Quality Culture," "Living the Management System," and "Transparency," all of which are designed to improve and further develop our integrated management system.

For the brainLight GmbH, responsible and lawful conduct is an essential prerequisite for quality, economic success and sustainable corporate development. The management sees compliance as an essential management task and is committed to the necessity of acting lawfully, socially and ethically.