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A Zoominar series by and with Prof. Dr. Argang Ghadiri

Audio-visual stimulation with brainLight: Based on science to be put into practice

As part of the Zoominar series "brainLight RESEARCH & SCIENCE", brainLight GmbH informs about the scientific background of audio-visual relaxation as well as about current studies on its application in private and corporate everyday life. Topics will include basic research to understand how audio-visual stimulation affects the human brain and well-being and which particular studies have been conducted in this context. But also the application of brainLight-Systems in the context of Corporate Health Management will be presented based on current studies. In addition to moderator Prof. Dr. Argang Ghadiri's own contributions, speakers from the scientific community are regularly invited to present their research on audio-visual stimulation, Corporate Health Management and other related topics.

Since this Zoominar series is in German, you can choose the subtitles in your preferred language, once you are on the YouTube channel of the topic that interests you. To do this, proceed as follows: 1. Click on the symbol for settings (Einstellungen). 2. Click on word: Untertitel (subtitles) 3. Click on: Language (automatisch erzeugt - automatically generated) 4. Click on: Automatically generated. 5. Now select your preferred language from the list and get at least an impression, of what the Zoominar was about.

Zoominar April 07, 2022

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Argang Ghadiri

Basic research: How does audio-visual stimulation with brainLight work?

Zoominar June 02, 2022

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Argang Ghadiri

brainLight in Corporate Health Management - a measure to promote health and increase health skills

Zoominar September 08, 2022

Speaker: Dr. Ulrich Ott

EEG resonance through brainLight-Sessions

Zoominar October 06, 2022

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Argang Ghadiri

How audio-visual stimulation affects mental health, burnout and work involvement

Zoominar November 3, 2022

Prof. Dr. Anabel Ternès von Hattburg

Customer 4.0 = Customer Corona? How to inspire and retain your customers now

Zoominar December 01, 2022

Speaker: Markus B. Specht,
David-Lennart Sturz

Healthy sleep - what is needed?

Zoominar January 12, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Minas Salib

The stress-reducing effect of the audio-visual brainLight-Relaxation-System as a great opportunity for space travel

Zoominar February 02, 2023

Speaker: Dr. Johannes Wendsche

Health and performance-promoting break organization (CHM)

Zoominar March 02, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Christoph Tiebel

brainLight in nursing - empirical studies and neuroscientific perspectives

Zoominar May 04, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Martin Mittwede

Yoga philosophy and modern deep relaxation - making ancient knowledge fruitful for the present day

Zoominar July 06, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Volker Nürnberg

Employee Health after Corona

Zoominar October 05, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Badura

Work and Health in the 21st Century: Mental Health at Risk

Zoominar November 09, 2023

Speaker: Prof. Dr. David Matusiewicz

Digitalization in Corporate Health Management (CHM)