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What you need to know before using the brainLight-System

The contraindications for the use with the audiovisual brainLight-System state under which circumstances one should not use a brainLight-System. This is related to physical and psychological impairments.

Contraindications for the use with the audio-visual brainLight-System

The brainLight-Technology was developed for relaxation, activation, mental training and the development of cognitive abilities. Due to their "making you feel-good character", the brainLight-Systems could also be called "stimulants" - but without the usual negative side effects. Numerous scientific studies and voices on the part of users confirm the positive short- and long-term effects.

At this point, however, we clearly distance ourselves from the statement that the brainLight-Systems can be considered a substitute for a necessary medical treatment of any kind. The use of the brainLight-Systems is safe and harmless when observing the following exceptions. There is no risk of any kind, as it is the stimulation of naturally occurring frequencies in the brain. If you are unsure whether the brainLight-Systems are suitable for you, please consult your physician.

In the following cases you should not use the audio-visual brainLight-Systems:

  • if you are under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or medications that impair consciousness
  • if you are prone to seizures, have brain damage or have had brain surgery
  • if you feel very unwell
  • if you have an acute fever
  • if you are undergoing psychological or psychiatric treatment, please only after consultation with the attending physician.

In the following cases you should use the audio-visual brainLight-Systems without visualization glasses:

  • in case of epilepsy and similar seizure disorders
  • in case of photosensitivity
  • if you wear a pacemaker
  • if you are pregnant (as a purely precautionary measure).

Through the acoustic signals, which are transmitted via headphones, the audio-visual brainLight-System unfolds its effect even without the visualization glasses.

You must not use the massage functions of the brainLight-Massage-Chairs in the following cases:

  • if you are pregnant
  • in case of acute or severe back pain
  • in case of osteoporosis
  • in case of thrombosis and similar venous disorders
  • if you weigh more than 120 kg (approx. 260 lb).

If one or more of the above items apply to you, please select only programs without massage. The massage chair then moves into the relaxation position for the duration of the session, but does not massage. On the program boards, you will find a symbol behind each program indicating which components (massage, light, voice guidance) it consists of.