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For carefree listening enjoyment

The quality of the headphones is crucial for the sound experience. That's why we only offer our customers high-quality, over-ear headphones when using or buying a brainLight-System, which also have a volume control for an individually comfortable sound setting.

What added value do brainLight-Headphones offer me?

Of course, the use of the selected headphones when purchasing a system is not limited to the use with the brainLight-System. Our headphones are versatile and can just as easily be connected to a smartphone, tablet or laptop. To ensure that the connection from the headphones to the deep relaxation unit is not distracting during use, you do not have to do without an appropriate cable length here either: For example, we also have extension cables of 2.90 m in length (approx. 9.5 ft) on offer. The brainLight KH100 BT has bluetooth and can therefore also be used wireless with suitable systems.