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Additional Program-Sets for brainLight-Complete-Systems

When a little more relaxation is called for

Your very own brainLight-System

The brainLight-Programs are grouped into thematically different Program-Sets. The range is constantly being expanded and extended on request.

Each of our Complete-Systems, consisting of the brainLight-Relaxation unit and a brainLight-Shiatsu Massage Chair, contains 31 Basic-Programs: the brainLight Introductory Program and thirty 10- to 40-minute programs. Complete-Systems with the Synchro PRO include 50 additional fixed and frequency-fixed programs for use with your own music and the option of adding a massage program.

You can also purchase additional, thematically completely different Program-Sets of your choice. Choose the Program-Sets that suit you, your wishes and your goals in addition to the Basic-Programs. New software allows you to combine all the brainLight-Programs that interest you to create your own individual brainLight-System!

All brainLight-Programs are Instant-Programs consisting of coordinated light and sound frequencies, music and, possibly, voice accompaniment. The massage is an additional, fully automated part of the brainLight-Instant-Programs. You will be massaged before and after or even during the audio-visual relaxation.