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brainLight-Synchro PRO 4D-SPHERE


Your Wellness-Sphere right at home

The brainLight®-Complete-System with the 4D-Shiatsu Massage Chair SPHERE, wrapped in OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette - IS your Wellness-Sphere! It allows massages from neck to buttocks, tip of your fingers to the tip of your toes. Individually adjusted, when using the Health Check function or manually chosen, according to your needs at the moment: This feels good right now, in just this intensity. Add to this the Negative-Ions-Function, which can heighten your sense of feeling well. Combined with the light and sound of the brainLight-Systems, SPHERE offers you a perfect experience of well-being.


brainLight-Synchro PRO 4D-SPHERE – Basic Model

401 Introduction + Session (20 min.)


10 Minute Programs
430 Positive affirmations for the beginning of your day

431 Positive affirmations for the end of your day

432 Piece of music „Free Flow“

433 Piece of music „Chill Fit“

434 Piece of music „Energy“

435 Piece of music „Free Time“

436 Quick meditation „Stocking up on energy“

437 Quick meditation „Being powerful“

438 Piece of music „Shift“

439 Piece of music „Timeless“

15 to 20 Minute Programs
450 Piece of music „Fantasy“

451 Piece of music „Space“

452 Piece of music „Creativity“

453 Piece of music „Wellpower“

454 Piece of music „Deep Inside“

455 Piece of music „Do It“
456 „Refreshed and cheerful within 15 minutes“

457 „Tranquil and balanced within 15 minutes“

458 Piece of music „brainFlight“

459 Narrated relaxation session „Journey through the body“

27 to 30 Minute All-Inclusive Wellbeing Sessions
460 Piece of music „Sky“

461 Piece of music „Chill Out“

462 Piece of music „Falling Waters“

463 Piece of music „Freedom“

464 Piece of music „Ocean“

465 Autosuggestion „Enhancing your concentration“

466 Autosuggestion „Creative problem solving“

467 Autosuggestion „Selling successfully“

468 Autosuggestion „Dealing with stress“

469 Autotrance „Fantasy journey“

900 Alpha Relaxation I (Diagram A) 10 min.
901 Alpha Relaxation II (Diagram B) 15 min.
902 Relaxation (Diagram C) 10 min.
903 Relaxation with Schumann frequency (Diagram D) 20 min.
904 Relaxation (Diagram E) 30 min.
905 Anti-stress program – intensive (Diagram F) 30 min.
906 Deep relaxation (Diagram G) 30 min.
907 Relaxation in High Alpha (Diagram H) 10 min.
908 Relaxation in High Alpha (Diagram I) 15 min.
909 Meditation (Diagram J) 30 min.
910 Meditation, dreaming, visualization, Theta 15 min.
911 Learning program 15 min.
912 Relaxation, gaining energy 20 min.
913 Gaining energy 20 min.
914 Visualization, nap 20 min.
915 Mental training, Superlearning I 30 min.
916 Mental training, Superlearning II 30 min.
917 Very deep relaxation 30 min.
918 Sleeping aid 35 min.
919 Mental training 20 min.
920 Demonstrates the stimulation elements 5 min.
921 Clear dreams 35 min.
922 Morning freshness, waking up 20 min.
923 Energy, creativity 35 min.
924 Problem solving, creativity 30 min.
925 Mental tune-up 15 min.
926 Energy, learning 30 min.
927 Quick break, short relaxation 15 min.
928 Relaxed creativity, finding solutions I 30 min.
929 Relaxed creativity, finding solutions II 30 min.

930 Balance 15 min.
931 Centering 15 min.
932 Hormone release 15 min.
933 Relaxation 15 min.
934 Anti-sleeplessness 15 min.
935 Relaxation 15 min.
936 Learning languages 15 min.
937 Intuition I 20 min.
938 Intuition II 20 min.
939 Vision 20 min.
940 Memory increase 20 min.
941 Creativity 20 min.
942 Intuition III 20 min.
943 Schumann resonance 20 min.
944 Centering 20 min.
945 Basic frequency 20 min.
946 Pain reduction 20 min.
947 Muscle relaxation 20 min.
948 Pain reduction 35 min.
949 Schumann resonance 30 min.

1 brainLight Synchro PRO with brainLight-4D-Shiatsu-Massage Chair SPHERE

  • 1 pair of Visualization-Glasses (white LEDs) with intensity regulator
  • 1 pair of headphones with volume regulator
  • 1 TÜV*-certified adapter (220V or 110V) - with GS-sign (safety proven)
  • 1 Adapter cable
  • 30 (+ 1 Introductory Program) Instant-Programs for relaxation, meditation and to unwind (10-30 min.).
  • Additional 50 Synchro-Programs to use with your own music (via iPod, CD-Player etc.)

(TÜV* - German Association for Technical Inspections)

  • 12 automatic programs in 3 categories: Classic (Relax / Refresh / Stretch / Sleep Aid / Relief / Wake up), Special (Limber up / Wellbeing / Fit), Focus (Neck / Lumbar / Thigh)
  • Bodyscan for detecting the individual back length; massage is automatically adjusted
  • 3D-Mechanism: 6 levels of intensity
  • Pinpoint positioning of the massage rolls
  • 6 types of massages: Kneading, Tapping, Knocking (Pounding), Clapping, Interval and Shiatsu for back- and buttocks-area with up to 6 speed settings
  • Air pressure massage for the following areas are available in three intensity settings: Shoulders, Arms/ Hands, Legs/ Calves – can be chosen separately or
  • Massage for the soles of your feet with 3 speed settings
  • Heating function for your lower back with three different intensity cycles:

    Cycle 1: 1 min. on, 2 min. off;
    Cycle 2: 2 min. on, 3 min. off;
    Cycle 3: 5 min. on, 1 min. off
  • 3 massage chair positions manually selectable – down to Zero Gravity Position
  • Position of seat angle and footrest can each be adjusted individually
  • Timer function
  • Automatic switch-off
  • Very energy- and space-saving
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Control panel with clear LCD display in different languages (German, English, French, Polish, Czech)
  • Easy to reach shortcut buttons on right side panel to choose automatic program, 3D-intensity, angle of chair, heating function, foot-sole massage, and Off function of chair
  • USB-A-port
  • Storage compartment for smartphone in left side panel
  • Connecting cord to the brainLight-Synchro PRO
  • Accessory bag for storing the brainLight-Visualization-Glasses on right side panel
  • Foldable backrest pad in the back-/seating area 
can be folded into a second head cushion or can be removed, if a stronger massage intensity is desired
  • Foam pads for the foot area – can be inserted, if a
 softer foot-sole massage is desired
  • Cover material made out of OEKO-Tex 100 certified 
    OEKO-Tex 100 zertifiziert
  • Vertical range of the massage rolls: 125 cm
    (approx. 4.1 ft)
  • Position angles of the chair: 130° – 155°
  • Operating voltage: AC 220 – 240 V; 50 – 60 Hz
  • Wattage: 170 W
  • Motor voltage: 24 V
  • Weight: 75 kg +/- 3 kg
  • Dimensions: approx. L 140 cm x B 74 cm x H 112 cm approx. L 4’ 6’’ x W 2’ 4’’ x H 3’ 7’’ (feet & inches)
  • Dimensions: approx. L 140 cm x B 74 cm x H 112 cm
    approx. L 4.6 ft x W 2.4 ft x H 3.7 ft
    Dimensions when chair is fully reclined and the footrest positioned horizontally:

    approx. L 156 cm x B 74 cm x H 97 cm
approx. L 5.12 ft x W 2.4 ft x H 3.2 ft
  • Touch panel
  • Backlit LCD-display
  • Display of program number and remaining session time
  • Automatic stand-by mode
  • Statistical survey: number of individual- and total sessions
  • Additional 50 fixed- and frequency-fixed programs to use with your own music (via iPod, CD-Player etc.)
  • More brainLight-Program-Sets can be added on anytime.
  • Dimensions:
    Base plate: 23 cm x 23 cm;
    (approx. 9 x 9 inches)
  • Height: 16,5 cm; (approx. 6.2 inches)
  • Side length: 22,5 cm; (approx. 8.9 inches)
  • Weight: 1,2 kg
  • Available colors: Black or white.

brainLight Synchro PRO with 4D-Shiatsu-Massage Chair SPHERE

Net price: €5.800

NOTE: Due to different delivery costs per order and destination, all orders have to be placed by Email and will be processed individually. If you have any questions re. the product or your best choice, please contact your sales rep or send a preliminary email.

GUARANTEE: 24 months for private use, 6 months for commercial use.
WARRANTY: 24 months for private use, 12 months for commercial use.
All products subject to technical changes.

Easy to assemble (see video)

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The brainLight-Complete-System – consisting of the brainLight-4D-Shiatsu-Massage Chair SPHERE and the Synchro PRO – can easily be assembled and connected right in your home.

Our video takes you step-by-step through the assembly instructions.

Please activate the English subtitles, if needed.

NOTE: This video does not replace the user manual. Please read through the user manual first to get acquainted with the safety instructions, so that you can fully enjoy the extensive range of functions of your massage chair right from the beginning.



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Product Consultation

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