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World's Best Employer 2023

awarded by SQC-QualityCert GmbH

brainLight honored as one of the Best Employers

In the "WORLD'S BEST EMPLOYERS" study, the award-winning company identified the best employers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the USA using a specially developed methodology based on 55 different primary sources. Around 75,000 companies were scanned for this purpose. 864 were honored.

brainLight was named "WORLD'S BEST EMPLOYER" for the first time in 2023 and is thus being honored as an outstanding employer for the second time that year. The special thing about the award from SQC-QualityCert GmbH (Market Research Institute in Berlin) is the depth of the research that led to the determination of the winners. A comprehensive meta-analysis of 75,000 employers in Germany was carried out, in which the attractiveness of employers was assessed on the basis of various criteria. These included aspects such as digitalization, employee benefits and press coverage.