Information Evenings

- The brainLight "feel-good" Events


It’s about you!

The brainLight wellness evenings offer a guide to your own individual path to well-being and happiness. They will introduce you to our brainLight relaxation systems, complete with the sophisticated light stimulation system.

Through light and sound stimuli, which is emitted via the means of visualization glasses and headphones, a holistic experience of well-being and relaxation is created. The soothing regeneration of mind and body will allow the nervous system to relax and release. Thereby an increased neuromuscular balance, harmony of the vegetative nervous system, and a natural regulation of the hormonal balance of the body will be achieved. This balance of the inner bio-milieu is called homeostasis in medicine. It regulates physical and mental states of tiredness, lethargy and feeling low.

brainLight will make you relax.

We are convinced that the state of harmony, as created by the brainLight-Systems, allows you to perceive your environment in a more realistic and positive way. It will be easier for you to make decisions, your mood will brighten up, you will feel more balanced and more set in your mind.  
We would like to welcome you to one of our brainLight information evenings, where you can familiarize yourself with our effective relaxation and learning methods:

−    Enjoy a relaxing Shiatsu massage with deep relaxation.
−    Find you inner balance and sensual mood
−    Find out how you can decrease your every day stress efficiently
−    Discover inspiration for your future

These information evenings are taking place at the following locations:


Event Datum Zeit Veranstaltunsort Anfahrt
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Showroom Headquarter - "Altes Rathaus" | Goldbach, Hauptstraße 50
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Showroom Syke | Syke, Ackerwinde 21
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Memo-Lounge | Memmingen, Schrannenplatz 6
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Ruhe-Oase | Hardheim, Zweiter Sandweg 25
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Green Rooms | 65929, Bolongarostr. 167
01.01.2015 bis 31.12.2015 Ich Oase | Düsseldorf, Lorettostraße 8