The brainLight-Shiatsu Massage Chair flow is our super sturdy power pack! Simple but simply ingenious, it combines various air pressure and roller massage techniques, with minimum space requirements. For extra pleasure, the massage rolls don‘t stop in the lower back area but massage your buttocks and thighs as well. And all of this wrapped in OEKO-Tex 100 certified leatherette!

Regularly relieving your spine and intervertebral disks, combined with calming massage movements, contribute to a profound sense of relaxation and regeneration. The brainLight massage chairs render this invaluable service to you at your fingertips.

No appointments necessary, available at any time, without treatment costs or stressful waiting time, our massage chairs open up a world of luxury and an oasis of relaxation to you. Our massage chairs are best used in combination with the Synchro PRO or the relaxTower PRO as Complete Systems.

Can be upgraded with the brainLight relaxTower PRO or brainLight Synchro PRO:

brainLight-Shiatsu Massage Chair flow
2.100,– € net price

brainLight Synchro PRO flow
3.200,– € net price

brainLight Synchro PRO flow + 3 Programm blocks
3.700,– € net price

brainLight relaxTower PRO flow
3.750,– € net price (without coin acceptor) *
4.100,– € net price (with coin acceptor) *

brainLight relaxTower PRO flow + 3 Programm blocks
4.250,– € net price (without coin acceptor) *
4.600,– € net price (with coin acceptor) *

*Shipping costs excluded.


  Factsheet Synchro PRO or relaxTower PRO flow   





Technical Data

Vertical range of the massage rolls: 105 cm
Position angles of the chair: 128° – 150°
Operating voltage: AC 220 – 240 V; 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Wattage: 170 W
Weight: 83 kg +/- 3 kg
Motor voltage: 24 V
Dimensions: Approx. L 140 (161) cm x W 75 cm x H 111 (90) cm (The numbers in brackets relate to the dimensions of the chair reclined fully with the calfrest in horizontal position.)


• Body sensor for detecting your individual back length; the massage is automatically adjusted to the measurements taken
• Massage rolls can be precisely positioned
• 5 types of back massage: Kneading, Clapping, Knocking, Tapping and Shiatsu for the back, buttocks and thighs with 6 speed settings
• Air pressure massage for the following areas: Foot/Calf, Arm/Hands, Shoulders, Hip/Loin
• Foot sole massage: with 3 speed settings
• Heating function in the back area
• Various preset chair positions selectable; seat angle and footrest can be adjusted individually
• Timer function
• Pause/Play-Function
• Automatic switch-off
• Energy- and space-saving


• Remote control with clear LCD display (in several languages)
• Mini-XLR connecting cable to the brainLight Synchro or relaxTower
• Accessory bag for storing the remote control and visualization glasses can be attached to right armrest with velcro
• Backrest pad can be folded into a second head cushion or can be removed if a stronger massage intensity is desired
• Foam pads for the foot area – can be inserted if a softer foot sole massage is desired
• Cover material made from OEKO-TEX 100 certified leatherette
• Available in 4 colors: black, red, dark blue and light grey
• NEW: You can remove the chair remote control if your brainLight-System should only be operated from your Synchro or relaxTower.

The Software Differences