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The Institute for Health and Ergonomics a registered society honors brainLight's commitment to CHM

Usability and in-house health are important criteria

The Institut for „Gesundheit und Ergonomie e.V. (IGR)“ Health and Ergonomics, a registered society, is committed to healthy working conditions and promotes efforts to maintain and promote health in the work environment. With the Ergonomics Innovation Award, the IGR aims to raise awareness of ergonomics among companies and organizations, promote ergonomic workplace design, and provide guidance on the procurement of high-quality ergonomic products and services.

Ergonomics stands not only for good design that makes products easier and healthier to use, but also for whether the correct application is communicated in an understandable way. The queried term "usability" combines the concepts of utility value, user-friendliness and comprehensible usability. At the Innovation Award Ergonomics, however, even more is evaluated by the jury. The applicants should demonstrate whether they live the topic of ergonomics themselves. It is not enough to offer the appropriate products and services on the outside. The companies show what they do actively for the in-house health, e.g. by the installation of ergonomic workplaces and suitable programs for movement and healthy nutrition. They serve to increase the well-being and thus also the motivation and productivity of the employees.

brainLight has already been awarded the INNOVATION AWARD ERGONOMICS twice for its Corporate Health Management (CHM) projects, for the first time in 2020 and 2023.