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Music Pleasure from Classical to Modern

Music to relax and enjoy for the brainLight mobil

10 music programs by well-known composers and performers.

For this Program-Set "Music Pleasure from Classical to Modern", 10 programs were selected to "Purely Enjoying Music" and without voice accompaniment.


540 5th Symphony, 1st Movement (Allegro con brio) • Ludwig van Beethoven – Classical Music; stimulating

541 Peer Gynt Suite: Morning Mood & Solveig‘s Song • Edvard Grieg – Classical Music; envigorating

542 The Blue Danube • Johann Strauss – Classical Music; refreshing

543 The Red Tide • Earthlimb – Progressive Rock; activating

544 Concerto Grosso No. 5 • Georg Friedrich Händel – Classical Music; uplifting and relaxing

545 Mariposa Blanca • Frank Metzner – Latin Music; for wellbeing and relaxation

546 Indian Summer • Frank Metzner – New Age/World Music; inspiring and relaxing

547 Himalaya Breeze • Alex Bleiziffer – Lounge Music; relaxing 

548 5th Symphony (complete version) • Ludwig van Beethoven – Classical Music; energizing 

549 Unison by the Sea • Hauke Nissen – Unison by the Sea; meditative 

Program-Set "Music Pleasure from Classical to Modern"

Net price: €210.00

This Program-Set combines a symphony of light and sound frequencies with a rich mixture of the most diverse music: from well-known classical pieces by great composers to Latin, Lounge, New Age and meditation music, and all the way to Progressive Rock.

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Audio Samples

540 5th Symphony, 1st Movement

541 Peer Gynt Suite

542 The Blue Danube

543 The Red Tide

544 Concerto Grosso No. 5

545 Mariposa Blanca

546 Indian Summer

547 Himalaya Breeze

548 5th Symphony (complete version)

549 Unison by the Sea