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Additional Program-Sets for the brainLight-Synchro PRO

When a little more relaxation is called for

Your very own brainLight-System

The brainLight-Programs are put together in a variety of very different topics, so-called program-sets. The range of the brainLight-Program-Sets is continuously added to and expanded on according to the wishes of our customers.

Each brainLight-Synchro PRO contains 31 Basic-Programs, the so-called Instant-Programs, PLUS 50 fixed and frequency-fixed programs. These latter programs consist of light-and sound frequencies only to be used without any music or together with your personal choice of music.

In addition to the basic-programs you can acquire different program-sets of your choice whose topics fit your desires and goals. Our new software makes it possible to combine all brainLight-Programs that you are interested in, into your own individual brainLight-System!

All brainLight-Programs are Instant-Programs, meaning they consist of coordinated light and sound frequencies, music, and possibly spoken accompaniment.